How to eye makeup on Valentine’s Day or to go to a party

Valentine’s Day is approaching and with it a special evening in the candlelight, recently opened a dress and evening makeup that will ask you to renew us look, we remove it years or make us more sophisticated. So to help you shine with their own light in one of the most romantic nights of the year, I will propose 3 simple eyeshadows, step by step, so that you feel you vean–and especially beautiful.

Now I will not delve into the basics of makeup lesson but I will say that before taking the brushes and get ‘hands-on’ is important to have clear how much you should shine. Sometimes I see pictures of makeup party that can not be transferred to real life … but who is thrown and the result is excessive. The look is sought to climb a gateway or invent stylists for a magazine cover does not serve to go outside or get into a club. To get a look glamorous in everyday (or holiday) life ‘less is more’, only under the flashes ‘more is better’.

Let’s see. How do you feel: a creative, bold or timid woman?

I will not propose strident makeup eyes but sometimes a small innovation can get an original and attractive set. That’s what I think of this eye makeup. Apply on the entire eyelid a rose-based salmon mate (ideal for women with light skin and freckles) or light brown. It is important that the texture of the shadow is not powder and cream to note that most of the second color brightness. Now draw a vertical line in the central area of ​​the eyelid (where the iris is when you have eye open and look straight). Choose from a golden hue (which combines well with light brown) or silver (goes perfect with both pink and as with toasted). Add a layer of brown mascara (or black if you have a different color) and List! This time you have to forget the eyeliner because otherwise it will add confusion to the intention. Maybelline New York has a cream shadow Barely metallic color that will suit Branded perfect in this eye makeup. Buy it at Amazon.

As you see in the picture, the model has 3 points drawn under the lower lashes: that’s the part of the make-up ‘effect’ for the catwalk I would not recommend imitate.

At the shyest I recommend a makeup lilac or pink eyes, with a touch of glitter, because he does well to all. Brunettes or blondes with brown eyes (it’s perfect for them!), Jet, honey or blue, always acertarán with a pink or lilac. But as we are accustomed to are simple, basic colors in a makeup day, how sophistry and turn them into a glamorous makeup?

Apply a shade of pink or lilac eyes in a soft tone across the eyelid, carrying a little more color in the root of the lashes and the outer end. And now you have two options: put your finger a little eyeliner with glitter (thus sold, with the glitter and integrated into the makeup product), rub against your middle finger (heart) so it is not very thick and now date tapped the area close to the eyelashes. Urban Decay offers this product in a metallic lilac romantic. Buy it at Amazon.

The second option is to put a little Vaseline (although I do not like Vaseline) on the finger and bring it to the container you bought glitter for some rhinestones to stick, not many. Date after a few taps on the eyelid and cha chan !! Although some people advised to apply the glitter brush I do not share that view because that way you do not control well the amount of rhinestones that are caught.

If you have time to prepare this makeup and want to give up the Vaseline I propose E.L.F. the first glitter eye: helps fix the particles much longer and more firmly than Vaseline. Buy it at Amazon.

The proportion of glitter in eye makeup can increase if you feel ready for it because the result will be more striking and sophisticated. If you fancy something, the important thing is to get eyelid is more loaded with glitter in the final part of the eye near the tear and that there is no trace of dark circles under the lower lashes because otherwise The result would lose all glamor and reflexes could accentuate dark circles!

Glitzy Glam Glitter Eye Palette Shador offers five shades of gray with glitter range. Buy it at Amazon.

And LOL Cosmetics has glitter cream Eyeshador -Glitter Makeup Kit- in which a pallet 6 metallic colors is presented. Buy it at Amazon.

If you want to get this eye makeup starting with glitter you already have at home, you can use the same method of application that I had in the previous step ‘For the timid’.

One last tip: make sure you combine either a special eye makeup. You need a very feminine and sophisticated dress, preferably black or red and a haircut to accompany the makeup, without adding intention, as a head attached to the bow.