How to eye makeup for a special occasion

Years pass and reach new fashions but proposals makeup that brought the 50s and 60s are still with us. Using black eyeliner to draw an outline of classic cat eye -only in the upper eyelid and Fino never go fashion. Why? Because it brings glamor, rejuvenates and enlarges the look without excesses and simplicity. All advantages and women will not let them disappear from our ‘makeup manual’. But the new trend for eye makeup, which comes sweeping from the catwalks, is riskier. Fashion opt for shadows in black (anthracite, coal, metallic …) or dark blue or dark to occupy both the eyelid and the lower eyelid violet. Eyes will be surrounded by colored 360.

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The great risk of this type of makeup is that the color will run.

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With the skin clean and moisturized apply your makeup background. I’m a friend of liquid formulas – the CC Crems I like a lot – but if you’re worried hide imperfections and can not be daylight can choose to stick or pancake textures. If you have freckles do not obsess with hide They are the latest fashion! They are bear even false! After applying a layer of loose powder we will change the order of application of the products.

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Instead of focusing on the eyes and for the first time, I recommend that you apply blush before the shade. Why? for you serve as a guide to the amount of shade to use His different intensity- and get a foothold in the overall color of the face. And eye makeup will be very intense I recommend you employ a powder bronzer as a blush. Apply it on the cheekbones, along the nose, chin and center of the forehead. Blend it well.

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We already have the skin ready to be able to focus on the eyes, the stars of this special makeup. We assume that your eyebrows are shaped and well maintained. So now, you must first remove any sign of dark circles. You have to choose the exact color that corrects the tone of your ojera s. You know which one is? The yellow concealer (like Physicians) corrects dark circles purple and green (Maybelline has a o) the intense violet. Orange is suitable for white skin, blue for black and purple (like that of Ucambe) for Asian (with olive tone). The Laura Mercier are also great. Blend it well with a brush or with the fingertips to unify with the foundation and no noticeable patches.

Once we erased dark circles and we can focus on eye color. As the most important thing here is to get the eye shadow is essential to not risk using a first or special eyelid prebase (E.L.F. has a liquid that is easy to apply) can not move. Take a small amount and apply both the mobile eyelid and throughout the area below the eyebrow and lower eyelid and we will include in our makeup.

Wait a couple of minutes before applying a layer of powder shadow of a very similar to your skin tone around the eyelid color. Put him from under the eyebrow to the nearest area to the lashes and your eyes are ready for the moment of truth. Choose a dark shadow with a high content of pigments -the Bobbi Brown, Mac … are very appropriate by and apply it on the eyelid from the middle of the eye to the end. Then do the same with the previous zone, without exceeding the amount of color you put near the tear.

‘Inscribe’ good on the skin and then the other color you left in the brush or a slightly lighter shade treads the crease and up slightly to the upper eyelid and into the outside area. Be very careful not reach the eyebrow, you have to leave an area of ​​skin naturally.

Making new shadow with the brush and draw the outline of the lower lashes. The line has to be thinner at the beginning and wider at the end (look at the picture). then draw the water line the same color as the shadow in this case with a black- profiler and apply two coats of mascara eyelash, after rizarlas. Finally, it illuminates the inner corners of the eyes with points of silver, white or golden shade (the Sisley, for example). This little detail optically open up your eyes and your eyes will look more alive.

Although I have chosen an image matte finish and, in this case, I am more inclined to recommend it, if you’re keen to shine, you can also use a metallic finish. But in this case you will have to follow these tips :. It is only recommended for the night and in cold fashion shades (black, blue, dark violet, purple, gray …) because if you will use for the day would reflect much light and would be an excess .. You can choose between ultra-bright formulas or other slightly pearly or golden. If your skin is blanc to opt for the latter and if you are black you have complete freedom to choose as the two you will favor

Finish your ‘masterpiece’ by putting a soft touch of color on the lips (in this makeup are prohibited and any intense red lip tone). According to eye color you have chosen you can combine it with a soft pink or clear or half nude.