How to delay hair loss in men

The nightmare of any man … go bald. And it’s no secret that men suffer more hair loss than women. And for genetic reasons it is that they are fated to suffer from baldness. From an early age we can see young boys with signs that will surprise baldness at an early age. I’ve even seen men who have not yet turned 30 years and given the degree of baldness have decided to repair his head and stay without a single hair. The cure for baldness is certainly one of the most desired by many men around the world cures. Although most bald men accept the state of your hair as normal in their lives, others refuse to accept the reality of your problem with hair and looking for alternatives to “cover” bald as wigs, hair grafts and up special dyes to paint the scalp.

Each time a new study comes out saying that the end of baldness is close, but there is nothing yet that can prevent baldness or gray hair.

1.No overdo gels, waxes and other products beyond help fix the hairstyle, do nothing to saturate the scalp of waste. For rather than wash your hair, if you expose your hair products all the time, they will damage your hair, causing not grow as strong and consequently fall.

2.Notes While the amount of hair you lose. If a moment’s notice you are leaving more hair on the pillow, in the shower or brush it’s time to take a look at your daily routine if something is accelerating the fall of your hair, as stress at work or by any family situation. In case you did not know that stress is one of the main causes that make millions of people lose their hair at an early age. And it is that as soon recognizes that the human body is stressing you out, it no longer works 100 percent equal and generate abnormal behaviors in the health of the person. In the case of hair, the hair when stressed folic scalp begin to weaken and thus not being weak whatever face makes the strands fall. A man going through a difficult, unexpected and full of stress moment can lose up to three-quarters of her hair from one moment to another. So if you’re going through tense moments looking exercises and activities to help you break free of tensions. Not only your hair will thank you, but your mind, your spirit and your overall health.

3. How healthy you eat? As you see outside it is a reflection of what you eat, and this includes the hair. For example in your daily meals can not miss those foods rich in vitamin B because these are the most recommended to strengthen hair and prevent it from falling. Foods rich in vitamin B include milk, yogurt, cheese, whole grains, eggs, nuts, red meat and fish, among others. For a complete guide of what you should eat to strengthen your hair and slow your fall visit this food guide.