How to apply self-tanner without leaving spots on the skin

My friends it hard to believe but I assure you it is true. Despite all day surrounded treatment products, shades of makeup and new exquisite aromas, it took me a long time (more than I should) learn to apply myself well self-tanner, without leaving stains or ‘ronchones’ on my skin, to avoid the ‘zebra effect’ or ‘leopard’, according to the blunder. The idea to extend the summer tan, beyond August, has always been very attractive to me, although I’m not a ‘wild beach’ or the pool. Possibly I read a lot (but not too much) on the oxidizing effects of sunlight on the skin (I speak of photoaging) and inside the body (you know, skin cancer). So yes, I like to enjoy the pleasures of summer but under an umbrella and a good sunscreen with a high rate (30 to 50) in the body and face. Do I look boring? Perhaps, but the sun embellishes age and spends much as the solar capital leaps and bounds.

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For all that I am a big fan of self-tanning products when I want to put some color in my skin. The biggest risk you run with them is that allergy appears an unlikely but, we, the probability is the same as with any other cosmetic product. But let’s face it, your problem is another: they are not easy to apply. Whether cream, spray or mousse, it is usual that in some areas too much product is deposited and skin to turn color chocolate and other areas barely reach some product residues and only see with a soft veil vanilla color … And that can pass both the body and the face. What can be done? Quiet because of that we will talk now. To start we’ll recommend a product rather than progressive color snapshot (even more difficult to implement).

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The skin goes through a natural process of exfoliation every 21-28 days, depending on each person and thus is renewed in an endless cycle. However, to achieve a more uniform application is recommended that you perform an exfoliation before applying self-tanner. And this advice applies to both the body and the face, where the pores will stay cleaner and nuanced.

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Moisturizes the skin rostr oy body well and expected to be fully absorbed (that may involve between 10 and 20 minutes. Insist on the elbows, knees and feet (especially in heels). Until you notice the dry skin and dull do not apply self-tanner.

Take the opportunity to aerate the bathroom as well should not have moisture or have a high temperature because that can make you sweat and if you sweat what will happen to the self-tanning cream? We do not want ‘spirt’ right?

Tip: put a little Vaseline on your nails and cuticles, and if you want also a bit between your fingers. This prevents undesirable colorations …

Self-tanning color is more or less intense according to the amount of product containing oxidant (generally dihydroxyacetone or DHA mixed with substances that reduce their tendency to produce an orange brown or sometimes derived from sugar cane). The fake tan acts on the stratum corneum is the outermost layer of the epidermis so it goes with the washings and during the process of regeneration of the surface cells (such as the outermost in 4-8 days are gone).

Divide mentally body in 8 areas (2/2 legs, 2 thighs, 2 arms, the front of the trunk and back), take the equivalent of a hazelnut self-tanner in the palm of your hands, spread it and begins to ‘paint’ vertical lines, also mentally, a leg from ankle to knee. In the arms put a little less and a little more trunk. Try not pass twice through the same point. Beat the instep of the skin, without applying it on your fingers or on the sides that do not tan naturally. Then, without taking more products simply with your palms left in a circular massage and date zigzag in the same leg. Take your time. Just on his knees.

Repeat the same exercise on the other leg and the rest of the body. The rear of the arm and elbow need little product.

As I recommended a gradual self-tanner you should know that takes about 60 minutes to start coloring the skin, reaching the final pitch in about 7 hours

Apply it at night naked and waiting as long as possible before dressing (30 minutes is the minimum) to prevent the product to go with the touch of clothing and stripes or ‘holes’ color are formed.

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You have two options

1. Mix the equivalent of half hazelnut with your usual moisturizer fine if your skin is very white

2. Apply self-tanner directly on the face but without depositing 4-5 touches like you do with the makeup or moisturizer.

Start by putting a small amount on the cheeks and spread it well using circular motions from the nose outwards. Do the same on the chin, down to the neckline. With what remains in the hands draw a circular motion on the forehead, neck and ears. The idea is that the area is naturally dora ie the top of the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead more tan.

Let 20 minutes before makeup to avoid problems. As should you sweat, avoid abrupt actions during that time.

Tip: Always Avoid eyebrows and hairline, along the contour of the eyes.

If you have put a little Vaseline you will have avoided the danger in certain areas but still, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. And employs a nail brush to remove any traces of cream have been deposited under the fingernails.