How do I get an authorization to open a tattoo studio?

Surely you are considering opening a tattoo or piercing and do not know where to start.

In this article, whose data are extracted from the BOE, you will see the requirements you must meet to make your activity legally in Madrid.

In other communities and countries is quite similar legislation. Gradually I will give you more information about them to help answer questions.

Legislation to obtain authorization practices tattoos, micropigmentation and piercings in the community of Madrid

Ministry of Health

BOE 1157 DECREE 35/2005, of March 10, the Governing Council shall, by the practices of tattooing, micropigmentation, skin-piercing ( “piercing”) or other similar body adornment are regulated.

Article 9

-a Procedure registration

1. For registration in the register in the preceding article refers to a request to the Directorate General of Public Health and Food accordance with Annex 2 of this Decree shall be submitted with the following documentation

a) tax identification company name and the owner or legal representative.

b) Personal data of applicators, certifying that they have received the training required by this Act or the exceptions referred to in Article 15 and have been vaccinated against Hepatitis B and tetanus.

c) Detailed description of the facilities, attaching sketch-plan, indicating the different areas to which this Decree.

d) specification, indicating techniques tattooing, micropigmentation, “piercing” or other similar practices that apply, as well as products used tattoo or piercing, with its corresponding administrative authorization.

e) Accreditation contract with a licensed waste collection and waste treatment manager.

f) Document accrediting having paid the appropriate fee.

2. Applications may be submitted in the General Register of the Ministry of Health or the registration of any other organ of the Administration of the Community of Madrid, in the records of any administrative body of the General State Administration, the administration of other regions or entities of local government that have signed the relevant agreement, in post offices and diplomatic representations or consular offices of Spain abroad, according to the provisions of paragraph 4 of Article 38 of Law 30/1992 of 26 November on the Legal Regime of Public Administrations and Common Administrative Procedure.

3. If the application does not meet the requirements or the presentation of any of these documents are omitted, will require the interested party to, within ten working days from the day following the receipt of this request , rectify the lack or provide the mandatory documents, in accordance with the provisions of Article 71.1 of Law 30/1992 of 26 November on the Legal Regime of Public Administrations and Common Administrative Procedure.

Failure to make the correction within the prescribed period, he shall be withdrawn her request, following a decision issued in the manner provided for in Article 42 of Law 30/1992 of 26 November, resolution containing resources against it proceed, administrative or judicial body to which they had submitted and deadline for remedies.

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4. The maximum period to resolve and notify the express resolution shall be six months from the date the request was received p. 8 FRIDAY 8 APRIL 2005 B.O.C.M. No. 83 in any of the records of the Ministry of Health.

After this period without the express decision has been notified, the application shall be deemed estimated by administrative silence, without prejudice to the decision that the Administration should dictate, if any, in the manner provided in Article 43.4 of Law 30/1992 November 26, cited above.

5. Any modification of the conditions that led to the registration in the Register of Tattoos, Micropigmentation, “Piercing” or other similar practices of body adornment, shall be notified, prior to implementation, by the owner or representative legal establishment.

Article 10

-Vigencia, Cancellation and modification of the registration

1. The entry in the register established under Article 8 of this Decree shall have a term of five years, the renewal must be requested prior to completion

indicating that registration conditions are maintained and that have been notified modifications, if any, have occurred.

2. The definitive cancellation of the registrations will proceed in the following cases

a) At the request of the owner or legal representative of the establishment.

b) When a substantial change in the conditions which led to the registration, without prior notification to the registry occurs.

c) When, after the period of validity of registration, he had not requested the corresponding renewal.

Source: BOE 1157 DECREE 35/2005, dated 10 March, the Council of Government, by the practices of tattooing, micropigmentation, skin-piercing ( “piercing”) or other similar body adornment are regulated.

-3 Important tips

• Find schools that can train you and improve your techniques tattoo or piercing. Remember that there is no title tattooist, that can only show with your training and the quality of your work.

• Study the best choices of places where you can open a tattoo that will not involve much expense. Better start small and then expand view. Help yourself to a professional or employment counselor.

• Follow all guidelines and standards of health and safety to protect you and your customers.