Hippie Boho Chic style or

If you have a bohemian free spirit, yet you worry that your style look flawless, and it shows when dressing up, no doubt your style is known as Hippie Boho Chic or.

Yes, this style is heavily inspired by the hippie trends that prevailed in the 70s, but certainly those who have adopted it have made a more polished and less extravagant much so that their counterparts four decades, seeking to make clear its free and pacifist spirit, it was against all the “mainstream” of the time.

While the Boho today can be considered a tribute to the fashion of the 70s, it can be said that the substance that lies beneath this trend has nothing to do with the ideals of the time, but more than anything a celebration the aesthetic that went hand in hand with that way of thinking and living.

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It is said that this trend began in 2005 with Sienna Miller’s character in the movie “Alfie” in wearing clothes with this style. The actress was seen wearing this type of clothing that housed styles and vintage elements during a season in London. Designers took note of this trend and many women began to imitate this style.

Notes several pieces necessary to make a Hippie Boho chic style or.

Whether or smooth with floral prints, a long, wide skirt made of cotton is essential to achieve this look, with campirana inspiration.

As in the days of the hippies, a band accompanied head of a long, flowing hair, get a hippie chic touch that is easy to adopt. Not only keep your hair in place, but will give you a gypsy air.

Traditional leather or suede backpack worn by hippies crossed, or straw bag accessories are ideal for this style. Everything other natural fibers are welcome at this style.

Nothing aviator style of the 50th round to John Lennon, sunglasses lenses that are identified with this style are very great round or oval covering a lot of face.

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Whether combined with boots or sandals, and carried with shirts of organic cotton and vests, or with a blouse peasant style mini-shorts denim or leather are a basic piece in the wardrobe of any girl who adopt this style.

The maxi-dress, a piece very 70s, revives hand hippie-chic style. The you can take with floral motifs or smooth tones, yes, always light and fresh fabrics, with a simple style or campiranos cuts.

With super wide brim, this hat is an excellent accessory for outdoor occasions. It is not only totally chic but also very feminine.

Normally this style goes very well combining long skirts or mini-shorts with suede or leather boots in neutral colors. Whether you are American Indian style, or are a more urban, but worn, the boots are an ideal complement for this style.

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Like the boots, sandals with an ethnic style almost always go well with any outfit Boho chic you want to use. The can combine with jeans, shorts or maxi-skirts.

Virtually any tissue, from the “granny squares” to light sweaters open fabrics are identified not only with the 70, but with this very bohemian style, who appreciates natural fibers and “handmade”.