Hiding a visible tattoo on a job interview

Although the art of tattooing part of your lifestyle and without them you feel yourself, sometimes circumstances of work going to have to make an effort to hide it. When looking for a job and are tattooed, almost everything becomes a problem. Especially in certain sectors where uniform standards are one of the ways that are marketed as policy not tell you clearly: We do not want tattoos or piercings.

It is clear that before presenting a job application should carefully read the company policy. In many standards they require uniformity. This includes not only that everyone should go exactly dresses but also you will be required not wear piercings or visible tattoos.

Many of these companies do not express in demand for used, so you should invest a little time to know if staff working to bring visible tattoos where you are going to do the interview.

If you’ve checked who do not want tattoos and work out what you need, do not worry, can be arranged in different ways.

In the first interview, human resources managers will get an idea of ​​your potential and also be set in your physical appearance. That can be very good with or without tattoos.

A tattoo in sight automatically becomes a no, unless that human resources group give you the option to hide the tattoo. This happens when you go to your interview with visible tattoos, showing you as you are.

Yes, I know it’s a little demeaning, and it hurts not let you be who you are. The absurdities stigmas continue in society but if you need the job will not be another choice but to accept.

But much worse it is when being prepared and even after passing a good interview or do not give you an option to the problem of wear a tattoo in that company.

You must demonstrate to the company and to the HR team you want to work and you’re willing to hide them.

The solutions?

Wear long sleeve is a great choice for tattoos on his arms. Almost all businesses wear uniforms short and long sleeves.

So you can choose the option that best suits you, in this case long sleeve. Also in almost all local working air conditioning and heat in summer problem is solved.

The camouflage makeup is fine for those areas of the body where the tattoo is not hidden with a long sleeve. For example tattoos tattoos hands and fingers.

Camouflage makeup must know how to use and also be assured that will not go with sweat or with a simple touch anything. Imagine your new job is a fashion boutique, you must make sure your hands are not going to leave any items stained.

In the market there are many brands that offer that security. I’ve tried on my job to make sure this works and I was glad to know that there are products that will solve life Tattooed people seeking employment.

The product is not cheap, but it goes a lot and it is relatively quick to apply it. Its price varies depending on the brand. For example, I’ve used is from Kryolan and around 50 euros.

It consists of a neutralizer that prepares the skin for makeup application. Then spread with a sponge, camouflage tapping. Just like you would on the face skin. You’ll be seeing the tattoo is easily diffuses and covering it completely. Finally, a fixative spray applied.

Input is bright, but when it is completely dry matte and ensuring that makeup can not go because you sweat or chafing.

This is the information given on the particular product

Dermacolor Camouflage Creme is specially designed to correct and cover skin imperfections and marks such as spots, tattoos, scars or stretch marks makeup.

It is especially suitable for the face and neck. With proper use of cloaking Dermacolor skin anomalies can be easily corrected.

It is important to set the makeup with powder fixing Fixing Spray Dermacolor or Dermacolor, so that will be resistant to the passage of the hours, water and friction.

The makeup also protects the skin against harmful UV radiation. It can last even under extreme conditions like swimming, heat and physical strain.

It is available in a wide range of shades. Its composition gives a finish with a natural appearance when applied correctly.

If you do not want to be making up that tattoo you wear on your wrist or hands, the option would not cover wear gloves to keep fingers sensitivity when picking up small objects.

There are very economical and versatile models on the market. You can choose skin color or the color that will match your uniform.

In addition there are several styles that can be tailored to your personality and give a fun and stylish as the photo touch.

Important: Search solutions and remember: you are the master of your life from the moment you walk out the door of your work. There nobody will tell you how you should live.