Have you slept little and you have an appointment? Solutions expert in 3 steps

Sometimes it happens. When desired with great intensity to reach a given day … the previous night can become a nightmare. Nerves and expectations for what will happen can make demos around in bed and then another … and in the morning we return mirror a reflection that does not show precisely our best image. The face and eyes are swollen, under the lower eyelids have appeared unpleasant dark circles, pores are more open and the skin is dull, lifeless.

Lack of sleep is the most common cause of a tired face, but it can also cause too long workday, an intellectual effort remained strong, stress, poor diet (careful with iron deficiency!), any allergies … Whatever the origin, makeup artists have their ritual and a series of effective measures to conceal the face fatigue tricks, illuminate dull skin and correct specific imperfections. Are you ready? We started.

Wash your face with cool water (not ice) because while the hot water dilates blood vessels, cold the contracts and increases blood pressure in the area, and oxygenation. Then on wet skin, apply a cleansing peeling. He will be able to ‘erase’ minor imperfections and eliminate dead cells. Options? Chanel Gommage Éclat Microperle Maximum Radiance Exfoliating Gel (US $ 45) and Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub with anti-inflammatory effect (US $ 22 approx).

Remove the exfoliating product with warm or cold water, secándote well in areas with folds, such as the sides of the nose because it is a very sensitive and visible area and if you are overexposed to moisture tends to flake. Now apply your daily dose of moisturizing cream or fluid. Be generous and do not forget the ears and not the neck.

The first place is perceived fatigue under the eyes, there arise some dark semicircles (different by race and skin) by reducing circulation and dilate blood vessels. Put a few slices of fresh cucumber few minutes can be a good help, but then you have to apply a specific cream or concealer semicremoso. Depending on the color to take your dark circles choose from a greenish hue (hidden reddish tones), yellow (for purple), blue (for very dark skins), purple (for Asian women, with more yellow circles) or apricot (for the whitest skins).

How does it apply? Draw a fine line with Dab concealer under the lower lashes (three or four, no more). From the outside of the tabs gives three other touches by drawing a straight line passing over the cheekbone and reach up to the top of the bridge of the nose (forming a triangle with the correction applied). With a specific brush or with the fingertips blurs the product well inside the triangular area.

* A tip: if this is a common problem for you, including in your diet cranberries or search treatment products with this ingredient, such as Cream Eye with Argireline, Pluridefence and Bilberry Extract Bottega Verde (US $ 29 approx). Cons can be your great ally dark circles.

Today is the right day to use a highlighter able to counter the gray and dull skin looks like tired Why? Because its formula contains particles that attract light. For this you can choose a formula illuminator with fluid or powder. The first is easier to use (although you have to be very cautious with the amount) and the second is more suitable for women with oily skin.

After foundation apply a very light. Contrary to what many women believe, use a heavy texture or a compact bar when the face is tired is an error because an unflattering ‘stiff’ and mask effect is obtained. Looking for a light base very similar to your tone and apply a few drops on the forehead, nose, chin, cheeks and neck. Using a sponge or a special round brush I distribute it well, without forgetting the ears. Depending on the neckline go out, you also have to take into account that area.

If you’re very young: You can replace the foundation for a moisturizer colored or if, whatever your age, you think today need a ‘plus’, opt for a makeup formula BB. Options? The velvety Fresh Glow B.B. Burberry Cream (US $ 44) or B.B. Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 27 PA ++ (US $ 38)

* A tip: if you spend 35-40 and you start seeing the first signs of aging on your face can be a good idea in the palm of your hand the amount of makeup you are going to use and add a drop of tensor serum.

You’re already ready to choose the shadows and lipsticks that more will you with your clothes, hair and skin! Although it is best that you avoid dark shadows today, profilers black and smoky effect and instead choose ivory tones, soft pinks or apricot.