Hairstyles for Your Wedding

As soon selections use the place of your wedding dress and hairstyle you can start looking for what you favors. Remember to consider the weather. For example, if you marry on the beach you should wear your hair up, otherwise you wind despeinará. Here I present trends in hairstyles for this year.

Free hair

During the wedding of 2011, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, looked spectacular on her wedding day with her hair down in a romantic style. It took her long hair with soft laps and completed the style with a long veil and a delicate tiara Cartier house. Immediately the hair style became the favorite of many, for its delicate air. This hairstyle is ideal for those with good hair care and volume. And beautiful for both formal weddings as simple looks. In addition, it is preferred brides who marry outdoors.

Loose hair style looks very nice also with delicate Swarovski stones buckles. While feathered headdresses are still used quite frequently, particularly those that combine flowers (feather flowers).

You also have the option of using a nice headband. The width you determine what you, based on the style you want to project.

Middle bow

The hair collected half is ideal for those who want a romantic style, but with some structure. In addition, it is suitable for those who can not decide between a loose or reclusive.

So you can look a romantic style ideally create soft waves with pliers and tie it with a flower, buckle or touched. For a bohemian look chooses braids on each side which can be joined with a wild flower.

her hair up

This style has plenty of options. What is in vogue right now is to create a bun without much structure. In addition, the hair in front and around the face, although collected, used with some volume.

Among the styles they are

1. Swirled chignon: It is a style in which the hair looks very natural, sometimes even a little carelessness as the tips are kept loose, untied.

2. Hair slicked side: You can take a donita or low bun, with pretending like they carelessly waves. It looks beautiful when combined with long screens that provide movement and delicacy. To tie you opt for a touch of delicate flowers or feathers.

3. Twist: This traditional style, to Audrey Hepburn, never gets old. To add a modern touch, use hairpins with pearls (pearl hairpins).

4. Horsetail: Beware underestimate this style. You can look beautiful in those brides with loose and healthy hair, and want a modern look in your wedding reception.

5. Twirled updo: This is the traditional collected, half head. To do this vibrant, add volume at the crown.

healthy hair

No matter what style you wear it is vital that your hair is healthy. Months before the wedding begins to look for the style you want for that day. Dialogue with your stylist and create a plan for how acondicionarás and recortarás hair to achieve the desired effect. For example, do you want a hairstyle without bangs, but when you have one good shortie? It begins by letting it grow.

Maybe you want your hair down but this looks battered. Then he start giving treatments. And, in color, try to select the desired color and retócalo advance one or two weeks before so it looks in good condition but also natural.