Hair: Before and after pregnancy

Lourdes Stephen and hair care during pregnancy

Speaking of beautiful manes in Hispanic television, it is synonymous to mention Lourdes Stephen. And, beyond look healthy, voluminous and shiny hair, this Dominican journalist always finds a way to look different through the hairstyle that chooses to present the “Salt and Pepper” program of Univision. Sometimes we see with straight hair, curly other, pulled back in a ponytail, in a bun, half shirts waves collected or, in short, hairstyles printed on it an elegant air, bohemian, sophisticated or just natural.

But Stephen is clear that beyond the world of television and cameras, hair is super important in appearance and self-esteem of any woman. “The hair makes the face; you up or you grave … Some women feel beautiful caring for your hair, your skin or watching your diet, the important thing is to find the area that makes you feel beautiful and confident,” he said presenter, who is counting the days for the arrival of their first little baby, Michael Victor and who has always described as “a gift of God.”

And as many pregnant women, Stepehen looks more beautiful and radiant than ever, so About in Spanish chatted with her to discover changes in your hair during pregnancy, as well as revealing their best secret to a smooth and very bright mane.

Your changes during pregnancy: If applicable, this journalist says he has not seen many changes as noted say other pregnant women and to ensure to have a hair thicker and fuller. Her hair remained the same, the only difference is that when washing your hair noticed that the amount of hair that is normally lost to rinse was less a result of increased estrogen and which inhibits hair loss.

How dyed hair? During the first months of her pregnancy, one of his challenges with hair, was precisely disguise root growth, since being in front of cameras would be strange that a presenter appeared with inches of growth or ask him why no roots dyed. “I was not going to put my pregnancy at risk for vanity, nor meant she was still pregnant, since the first months of my pregnancy was complicated. One of his barbers got him a kind of brush (mascara type) hair used to disguise the growing roots “The most important thing is the health of the child,” he adds. Finally, at 16 weeks of pregnancy she decided to dye the roots but chose in order to lengthen the days between root touch-ups a base color and darker like his natural color. In fact, he confirmed that throughout pregnancy, only needed to dye her twice.

His best secret: Having such beautiful hair and many tools exposed to heat and hairspray you’d think this presenter spends his life as apply new treatment hits the market. But Stephen is not putting many masks and less now that she is pregnant. His favorite treatment is the treatment of avocado gets herself during her day. “I put avocado all day, yes, as time passes hair makes you hard as the floor” says Stephen laughs. Another natural remedy that uses this presenter is olive oil. He also mentioned that he used at some point “the bomb” treatment of his native Dominican Republic. In addition to using avocado, he attributes the health of your hair to always put a protective hair before using any heat tool such as pliers, iron or blow dryer. It also feels blessed to have a super hair easy to handle. “In my country dominica woman goes to the hairdresser every week, but I am not spend at the hairdresser. When I go I like to go to say hello and talk (with people salon) “.

After delivery: Stephen has already been well informed that by nature can lose some hair after the birth of her beloved #MVP as bebito identifies your social networks .. “I put the batteries and talk to my doctor tell me when you can start taking Biotin “anticipates the mother. And it is that by nature of motherhood, about four months after giving birth, the mother begins to notice that loses hair. It is said that many women can lose hair that stopped losing in pregnancy by increasing estrogen in the body. So a woman newly calved never have to worry excessively with the temporary loss that notice, since again have the same amount of hair I had before becoming pregnant. What happens is that you lose everything accumulated alarms, but you will see that with months or a year will have back your regular hair.

What to do to face hair loss after pregnancy: As mentioned earlier, you can not do anything for hair that is lost as well natural order must occur after hormonal change. Although it may happen to be part of the 25 percent of women who did not notice hair loss after the birth of her baby. What you can do is take good care of your hair so that each new strand is born do the hard, shiny and healthy.

Worried with dye your hair during pregnancy? As Lourdes Stephen said, it is best to forget about vanity and wait longer to freshen her hair and apply a dye time. In fact, to be quieter as recommended by medical specialists in obstetrics is to use a natural dye without ammonia during pregnancy, thus avoiding the strong odor emanating a regular dye because of its high chemical content. In addition you avoid irritating the skin of the scalp, which is irritated every time you apply a regular dye. If you have gray hair to cover during those first months you can opt for temporary “makeup artists” covering your gray hair until the next hair wash. I recommend the Root Concealer Rita Hazen because it covers perfectly and will not stain bedding. And best of all, its five shades of hair cover any hair color.