Hair batterers

Regardless of the type, cut or style, at first glance, the hair of any woman “shouts to the four winds” how much I care, pamper or mistreat. And if now you stand before the mirror, you see and touch your hair, how do you feel ?, Reseco and fluffy?, With split ends? o Lightweight, soft and shiny?

A study by the company of beauty products Dove says that 80% of females have some degree of hair damage, but only 20% of them recognizes that abuse of her hair is caused by themselves, either by They apply what or what constantly exposed.

And ironically, in the desire to show off a well stretched, wavy hair, shiny or simply beautiful, we commit sins against the hair, without realizing they do nothing to affect our hair. Meet the most common below

1. Wash it every day: When you wash your hair too much you are stealing their natural oils, resulting in a dull and brittle hair.

2. Use excess heat: Sure, nothing beats a good drying with blowdryer to look fabulous hair. What would our lives without the dryer !!! But “eye” with the number of times you use it. Limits the use of the dryer once or twice a week and when you do use a product to use hot tools. As for iron, the less you use the better. Reserve the use of iron to once a month or for a special occasion. Each time that your hair expose to high temperatures, the cuticle is closed entirely cauasando the strand splitting. To repair the damage that somehow causes the heat treatment applied or mask in the next wash.

3. Misusing the towel: Whether the rub too hard against the hair or you roll yourself in your hair suddenly you punishing your hair, because with each rub you weaken the cuticle. Use the towel gently to dry.

4. Abusing chemical processes: When you make a chemical process behind another you are condemning your hair to be maltreated, from dyes, discolorations, rayitos, perms and relaxers. Everyone does some damage to the hair, but the discoloration is the most damaging of all.

5. Exposure to the sun: Every time you are exposed to the sun sinning against the cuticle of the strand, as their hair fiber has no protection against the sun’s rays. So after exposure to sun is pajoso hair, fragile and brittle. But not only that, it also changes the color of your hair by altering hair melanin, that’s how it is explained that during the summer the tips tend both to clear.

There are other factors that may be doing damage to your hair and you do not know, like the use of drugs. For example, birth control pills and anti-inflammatory antibiotics can cause hair loss. Moreover, stress also attacks the hair. When we have a lot of tension does not get enough blood to the scalp and follicles so do not get the nutrients they need, causing slow growth in the hair.

You should also pay attention to the foods you eat, like skin, hair needs a balanced diet to be well nourished and healthy look.