Goodbye belly, belly, gut …

Wear your swimsuit or bikini has some ritual do not you think? Undressing the body after the cold days in which it is hidden under thick clothes to expose it to light and the sun makes us more aware of it. At that time some women resort to self-tanners to gain some color. And others feel concerned about their size. If this is the case, it is time to take action.

When reducing the size of the waist measurement is the key ally himself with ‘the 4 magnificent’ :. Follow adequate food without skipping any meal .. Use an effective slimming cosmetic .. Make some exercise 3 or 4 days a week .. And getting enough sleep, drink two liters of water a day, maintain a good dose of motivation, not to lose sight of the goal …

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Diet is undoubtedly an indispensable ally. To lower belly in a few weeks experts recommend a diet rich in fiber and low in sugar and fat animals Look out trans fats! -. In addition, we must reduce the intake of alcohol Watch out fresh beer – and fizzy drinks. Do you think hard? It will not be if you consider what you will gain: a nice figure and better health.

And adding a reducing cosmetic to a review of the diet is a very smart decision.

In these creams and gels ‘fat burning’ you can find, for example, carnitine, a substance naturally obtain through food and plays an important role in the transformation of fat into energy. But if our body does not have enough carnitine can start accumulating fat. Caffeine can also be present in such products as it stimulates blood circulation and helps eliminate free fatty acids. Other options are the focus and reducing green tea for its principles.

Cosmetics ‘fat burning’ helps redefine the silhouette and reduce fat deposits. It is applied locally once or twice a day on perfectly clean skin-better, even if it is exfoliated regularly to penetrate better. It is very important to apply with a soft but firm massage to act better, and sense of clockwise. And never forget that these treatments consistency is the key.

Do we see some options that are already on the market?

All this plan must be ‘seasoned’ with a healthy physical habits. You have to exercise 3 or 4 days a week minimum. Running, dancing or cycling, for example, are good choices. Choose what is most fun you because Life is to be enjoyed! Do not suffer with this.

And exercise can be a very good occasion to remove the accumulated stress during the week.

You must also hydrate enough. Take two liters of water a day helps to have the most beautiful and fresh skin, prevent fluid retention also in her belly and eliminate toxins. Remember that when you exercise a little more doubts than usual.