Glyphs tattoos House Vampires (Blade)

Within the world of tattoo symbols as many types of design are used. Sometimes have to do with the stars, Maya, alchemy or images representing a letter, phrase or name, almost like the hieroglyphics are called Glyphs. Signs carved, painted writings or writings that form. They are very interesting and very versatile meanings, such as those created in the world Blade;. Remember those tattoos with lines and dots that were in the film humans who served a vampire? These tattoos are Glyphs of the tribes of the House of Vampires.

This article knows every name and tattoo design that represents it. Pagan symbols are fictional, but surely vampire lovers and comic created by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan would like to get tattooed. I also!

Glyphs are symbols or recorded, written or painted signs. An example are the glyphs used in Maya writing. Within the world of Blade, they are used as the written form of secret language Nation Vampire;. The Erebus house (House Vampires) is governed by a Board of Shadow 12 thoroughbreds that use those symbols within the nation. In addition they keep in his possession the Book of Erebus, a bible vampire. The name comes from the ancient Greek god of darkness and shadow. Purebloods forming the Shadow Council are divided into eleven tribes, endowed with a name and a tattoo design that identifies them as belonging to that tribe. Each tribe or camera uses a single glyph to identify the property of humans (in the form of tattoo) and places (in the form of graffiti that can only be seen under ultraviolet light) .; tattoo symbols that identify each tribe

Rome tribe who were originally evil spirits that inhabited the bodies and transformed into undead harassed humans. They possess the art of seducing beautiful dams and frequent subterránes areas, as some night birds, and the Gothic clubs.

Not belong to any tribe, as it is also an individual vampire fighting all night beings of any race. Blade has its own tattoos as symbols that identify you. They are shaped like tribal designs. The same applies to Frost, another very powerful vampire has its own glyph.