Get a perfect red lips and longer

A sip of coffee or hot tea, noon meal, the sips of water in the office … are really many trials that have to pass red lips every day and not always victorious. So if you want color remains unchanged throughout the day you will have to use some special trick to get it.

To begin with, before you have to get makeup lips without pellejitos or imperfections but carefully because their skin is very sensitive. This goal will get it with a soft, simple and homemade peel: to brush your teeth at night drop by wet lips brush, without toothpaste, in a circular motion without pressure. Then apply a generous coat of Vaseline Do it two or three times a week-and leave on for 30 minutes after removing the excess. Your lips are ready to receive a color bath of seduction and passion.

Apply a first coat of lipstick, stop after an ice cube wrapped in a tissue and giving little touches and ends with a second layer of color. The cold will close the pores and ‘shut up’ some of the pigments lipstick.

Choose lip liner the same color as your lipstick, the natural color of your lips or transparent (Kiko Milano manufactures). Perfílalos (if the corners slightly curved stroke get that look more beefy) and then fill them completely with the same pencil (if you opt for one waterpoof even more fasten carmine may notice dry lips). They are ready to receive the lip.

Take a first layer of carmine (begins with ‘V’ of the upper lip and from there down to the corner), press lips on a tissue, apply a layer of transparent loose powder and finish with another layer of lipstick. Powders ‘control’ fatty ingredients and help set the color.

Apply a lipstick last long-term (search formulas containing polymers capable of sealing the moisture and fill the little holes in the skin so that the color does not move) and then a layer of gloss.

The option of applying a prebase before painting to fix the color is always a safe bet. Formulas Advanced Lip Fix Cream-Elisabeth Arden Flawless Stay Benefit or are very effective. You can also use a fixative formula after painting as Artdeco Magic Fix. Or ‘more radical’ option is to apply yourself one of the ‘dyes’ liquids that do not disappear until you delete them with makeup remover product like Benefit Benetint. If you choose this moisturizes then with a layer of clear gloss.

which test these tricks you find most useful and choose the red that more will you. Here you have several options to see seductive and very feminine.

Among the new shades of Rouge Coco no shortage of red. Burning, corals or close to garnet, like this one we have chosen, provide a rich, opaque color, while moisturize and nourish (with its three vegetable waxes: mimosa, jojoba and sunflower flowers). US $ 36 and 27 € approx .. Yes: As its formula contains silicone polymers and filled spheres small furrows and fine lines. With him more mature women can reduce the ‘barcode’ of his lips .. No: Such intense tone like this should not be combined with eye shadows strong colors; More »

Mac Red, Red, Red Cremesheen Meteoric Glass 300; In the Red, Red, Red collection there is room for all red: from the ripe tomato saucy raspberry, red through orange or vermilion. The Meteoric 300 lipglasses is the choice for those who value the brightness of classic lipstick covering effect. US $ 20 and 21 € approx .. Yes: Goes well with jeans, casual wear and as a sexy twist on a night makeup soft .. No: If you are dressed in bright silk satin or better not choose a tone so vibrant,. More »

A lipstick with a formula CC ‘color and care’ repairing, day after day, the lips that need an extra dose of softness. They also offer a velvety and ultra-luminous finish. US $ 34 and 33 € approx .. Yes: deep red with looks that fits both day and night … No: Avoid competing with shades of purple or black eyes More »

The 10 colors of L’Absolu Rouge were copied directly from 10 roses petals through a color analysis achieved with the latest technology. The result? very intense colors as this scarlet and spicy obtained Grand Amour rose. 8h ensures hydration. US $ 30.50 and 32 € approx .. Yes: Although it goes perfectly with any skin color, brunettes be achieved especially seductive .. No: Quinceañeras not fit well with a color like this; More ‘.

Although in reality it is a blush in graso- and easy-not blend cream works very well on the lips. It provides a veil of color for a natural and fresh look. US $ 15 and € 11.90 approx .. Yes: Perfect for girls .. No: Although not dense error prevents wear it without looking in the mirror. It is easy to be applied unevenly and instead look like a careless fresh image;. More »