Ganesha, symbol of overcoming obstacles

Many options to compose your design

– The snakes

Snakes prominent figures in the representations of Ganesha, sometimes wrapped around his neck, waist, ankles curled or held in the hand, they symbolize our most primal impulses. It stands for the transformation of energy rising through the hierarchy of energy in the body, from sex to super-consciousness.

Ganesha is associated (in male because he is a god) with an energy center (chakra) at the solar plexus. It is a core transformation, a place from which the divine power expands. Generally, this chakra is represented by a red lotus flower.


This god is shown in many different poses, sometimes sitting, dancing with demons or playing with his family.

-Rosario And Stinger

In your hands (you can have two to four) holds a rosary representing the continuation of the pursuit of knowledge. In other hand holds a goad or ax to remove obstacles and to push the man forward along the spiritual path.

-the Rope and sweets

It is holding the rope to catch the difficulties along the way. If sweets appear in depictions of Ganesha represent the sweetness of the soul (Atman).

-The Elephant head

Elephant head Ganesha is the symbol of Atman and wisdom, while his trunk suggests the eternal vibration of the cosmos (Sanskrit mantra OM).

-body Human

His human body symbolizes the material world of illusion.

Any design you choose for your Ganesha is a great option.