Five steps to dry your hair yourself

Beyond using a professional dryer and have a good time trying to dry your hair, the end result of your “blow dry” will depend on several factors, from how well you wash your hair until you apply before and after drying. Here I share with you five simple steps to achieve drying “almost professional”.

1. If your hair type is normal or dry, apply a mask or restorative treatment will always make your drying easier one, and left the super manageable and shinier hair. When rinsing your hair do it with cold water, so this will close the hair cuticle. Remember that when your hair is wet is more fragile when it is and can be assumed, therefore, never use a brush to detangle, use a wide comb.

2. Dry your hair with the towel gently (without squeezing much) until it stops goterear. If you got short hair wait about 15 or 20 minutes for drying naturally you go or if you have long waiting 30 to 45 minutes.

3. Apply to the hair a product to protect it from heat l which will be exposed. Divide the hair into six or more sections. Before drying each section uses a little anti-frizz product and apply it to each section, make sure it’s a minimal amount so your hair does not get greasy. Although professional stylists get a little for all hair when you yourself you dry it at home it is preferable to apply it gradually, just so you can ensure that all hair is receiving anti frizz product much needed you to control humidity.

4. Try to keep the dryer at a distance of 15 centimeters and begins to dry your sections from back to front. Divide each section into two or three strands and starts dry the root, continues pulling the lock of hair to medium or high temperature (depending on the power of the dryer). Once the section is dry, use the low temperature for styling hair. Remember to use a large or wide to dry brush and a smaller second brush styling. The wider is the fastest and dry brush will achieve the finer it will get more back, volume and waves to your hair.

5. Even if you go to iron or curl your hair with an electric curling iron after drying, make sure it is dry in full, because that is a little wet will cause few hours in frizzy hair sets. And even worse, use a curling iron or a flat iron on wet hair that causes the splitting points. According to the stylist Misleydis Marrero, use an iron when hair is still wet is one of the most common errors committed by women to dry their hair at home. You have to mop up 100 percent and once you finish apply a few drops or spray oil to give it a glossy finish. If you have long hair and peinastes with volume and pick it up in a queue waves and give back in the form of “donita” so that when you release has more volume (grabs the donita with a clip or big fucking do not check the hair). And to extend your “blowdry” spray some spray to protect hair from heat when it touches in the mornings.