Find the perfect makeup for office

A woman with personality is always beautiful, because its strength comes from within. If you feel good about yourself, in your skin, the natural connection is transmitted in each of his gestures and attracts (no, I’m not talking about someone distant and cold). But that does not keep you dry more bang for your physique with beauty tips and makeup. If you sleep well you will be prettier. If I eat well too because your skin will have fewer toxins, not smoking even if a clean, well hydrated and with a flattering and natural makeup, skin looks even more.

It is important to look professional makeup in a job interview, meeting or simply in your day to day. Keep reading and you will learn how to achieve a series of simple tips

1. Prepare your skin with a moisturizer with color or CC Cream you provide a light, natural coverage and, in turn, help prevent the effect “mask” during the long hours of routine (for this is essential to the skin well hydrated).

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2. Take care of the shape of your eyebrows. Every 15 days reviewing its shape and removes the hairs that come out of their natural shape. Avoid leaving them thin ‘a line of ants’ because it is not flattering and sure to keep the arc clean and high. When necessary you can use a special makeup for eyebrows.

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3. Boasts thick lashes, this is ideal for showing off awake early in the morning. And that’s nothing better than two layers of black mask. With this, you will define each tab for a smooth and harmonious “look”.

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4. Use neutral shadows on work days. This way you will achieve verte presentable and professional. Forget black, green or blue. Prefer a neutral matte makeup and / or which will help to highlight your best features. Smashbox Softbox Eye Palette Too Faced and Naked Eye Collection have suitable colors for the day.

5. Accentuate eyes or lips, but not both at the same time. Matte red lips and well defined, give you the opportunity to see professional and elegant but must be combined with a neutral eye. Remember retouch whenever you need. The tone Milani Lipstick Scarlet prove a perfect choice.

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To enter the right foot in the workplace, you must keep the freshness in your look. In your dress, look for colors that suit your field. Also, it is significant to emphasize that a well manicured hands (feet also in summer with sandals) and a discrete manicure earn points in the overall image. And, of course, a perfume quality will also talk to you.

Updated by: Paloma R. Sanz