Fall winter fashion Marc Jacobs for the 2013 season 2014

What we bring today? Well, the last of the Fashion Week New York with the proposal of exquisite Marc Jacobs for next autumn winter 2013 2014. And that I recognize that the minimum short image is not suitable for all tastes, personalities and ways to understand fashion. Still, even if yours is extreme elegance, we must recognize it has a chic Parisian point that makes us forget that it is extremely short.

But let ours: to toe. A silk Fitted shirt, a mini skirt or a dress below the knee are basic for shoes image garments: heels in black with a small hidden platform. Although the designer is not given to the heights (and nothing else we have to remember the proposal Vuitton or your own brand last season spring-summer 2013), it has dropped this measure.

Loop detail provides comfort and flirtatious wink. The model, as demanded by times, is suitable for wardrobe.

In the same stylistic line is this design: such a minimal short that it is almost impossible to wear a jacket to the waist in the shape of a shirt and shoes so attuned that have been made with the same fabric as clothing.

It is one of the latest trends: to present footwear made with the same fabric of the dress or the whole. We saw, for just one example, on the catwalk couture Elie Saab.

Although the forms, by its timelessness, are suitable for wardrobe. However, materials (silk, fabrics or grids, as in this case) make this type of footwear has little use and only suitable for a particular model or shoe party. As always, everything depends on your economic possibilities, but you have to weigh the investment.

Yes it is suitable for composing the background closet that every fashion addict desired, these sandals with small heels and hidden platform made of snakeskin. The ocher color, also is perfect for those days of early autumn or spring do not know whether to use a shoe summer or winter.

Sandals, as an accessory for outfits cold season, take several seasons trendsetter.

And if you want one color, even more versatile, do not miss this shoe (the same as the previous page), but in a coppery color. Red across its range (crimson, burgundy, fire …) is also going strong. It comes to my head the Gucci spring summer 2013 but also we have seen in Oscar de la Renta or Christian Louboutin catalog.

And we topped it with a shoe so timeless like something out the window of the past: from the glamorous decades of interwar Europe. It is a Mary Jane Merceditas leather or polished in black exhaling glamor and elegance on all sides. It is carrying a concealed platform, which gives a bonus high, but this model of shoe that’s more than adequate for wardrobe.

It also serves to estilismos daily, such as the image, with a fitted coat with a belt in tune with a tailored suit any long pants of all shapes, with type litle black dress and dresses, even, with these very short shorts with which we opened this report.

Gateways ready-to-wear last, but take occasional impossible pledge, come loaded with “common sense” with clothes and shoes designed for ordinary women, with very simple cuts, but simultaneously with studied patterns and fabrics good quality, but without resorting to baroque and superfluous elements.

As demand the current spirit, it is elegance without ostentation. Footwear, as you can see, continues in this line.