facial cleansing at home

How many times have you you decide to go for a facial and end up with empty pockets? While it is true that going to a spa is relaxing, nothing is worse than finding out how expensive it is. The solution? Do it yourself at home! A facial cleansing is simple, fast and as cheap as you want-so you just look out on the products you use to achieve positive results. Let’s do it!

Ten about what you need

A facial is as simple as putting together a home spa. Have on hand the essentials: face cloth, headband or headband as the Urban Halo (! Super modern and comfortable and prevent them from ruining your hairstyle), tools to extract black pimples or spots, beauty products ( creams, scrubs, tonics and lotions) and a couple of bags of chamomile or cucumber slices for eyes area.

What is your purpose?

Take into account the type of skin you have and ask yourself, what is missing? Perhaps, remove the annoying “brads” in a greasy face, or moisturize dry skin depth or give a face brightness lifeless.

Depending on what you need, look for products that suit you. If you doubt, you prefer organic or natural brands that are generally milder. We recommend: Alba Botanica Good & Clean Mini Pure Purifying Peel, Avalon Organics Lavender Luminosity Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub Caudalie Premier Cru and Riche.

Step by Step

That custom is done!

To maintain a face in good condition, it is imperative that mimes. In addition to sunscreen, try to apply masks once or twice a week and make a facial once a month. Expensive treatments can become an excellent “prize” but, ultimately, the care they give you at home is what matters.