Eye makeup in black

Anthracite or black coal smoke, ebony matte or metallic, with pink, blue, gold … makeup in black reflections is fashionable. Say goodbye to smoky faded, the false eyelashes, the timid touch … and get them to block the shadows applied and the game with the profiler.

To begin with, as you yourself can see, a makeup intense eyes need from a perfectly nuanced skin.

Mysterious woman. The image # 1 and this are very similar, with a shadow applied block. But in this case also makes up the inner eyelid to the lacrimal and ivory shade under the arch of the brow is applied to avoid an optical sensation ‘impasto’. If you want to try, take your time, maquĆ­llate bright and then check the result in a place with similar lighting where you are going to go. This will avoid surprises. Tip: The secret of this makeup is to choose an intense shade as high pigmentation power. Do not be afraid. An example? Mac Small Eye Shadow Carbon. Buy it at Amazon

poetic rock. And more is this variation that could be seen at the Chanel fashion show for this fall and winter. Game curves and straight lines in a ‘teardrop effect’ lengthens the look. Here is first applied a pink shade all over the lid and then a black shadow surpassing the crease that flows into the lacrimal, arc-shaped. At the other end, on the outside, the shadow ends a peak, drawing a kind of teardrop on the eye. Under the shadow water line also applies. Again, a makeup suitable only for the night and preferably for women with big eyes eyes Tip. The secret of this drawing eyes are on the gel texture. Chanel Illusion d’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow 91.

If in doubt, less is better than more because otherwise you can fall into errors like those shown in the pictures. Excesses, plasters, drawings of shadows that do not go well with the shape of the eyes … And all this is compounded by the oily (No. 1), superfine eyebrows (2) or poorly combed (1) and intended to illuminate under the eyes but a natural effect (4).

soft beauty. Profiling eyes on a mobile eyelid makeup in a natural tone and accompanied by a slight touch of black shadow on the outside eyelid enlarges the look and feel good at any age. Tip: This slight upward drawing on the outside enlivens look of the fallen and slanted eyes.

Memories of the 60s eyeliner is invincible weapon of seduction. Personally, I recommend that when you notice the tiredness on the face or have the sad look not resort to layers of multicolored or black shadows. If you use the eyeliner and the image will get a more favorable result; Tip. The slightly raised and extended eyeliner has the effect of rejuvenating makeup. Try Maybelline New York Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid. Buy it at Amazon.

I never tire of repeating. The starting point of beauty is to eat healthy, do some sport and enough sleep. If you sleep less skin and eyes especially suffers. In addition to dark circles, swollen eyelids fall y’se ‘closing the eyes and away from the perfect almond shape.

And a pretty look is always sits on a well-defined natural eyebrows arched. Take care of him a lot especially when our eyes are the center of attention, something inevitably happens to putting on makeup of black-.