Eroticism and Tattoos

Tattoo on the abdomen of a man

If the area is musculada can be really exciting to contemplate a tattoo. What I say exciting …! Wonderful, Great!

Usually attention-grabbing designs that represent phrases or placed on either side of the abdomen, where are the obliques. Or you can also do in the ribs (love). Athletes often get tattooed that area a lot. How they know what we like!

Tattoo above the pubic bone in a woman

A lovely area to get a tattoo. Highlights the femininity of a woman, said her gift of being able to conceive. Invites the erotic game. As contemplate female and male genital piercings.

Tattoo on the biceps of a man

It is said that the forearm represents the strength and endurance, and many men are tattooed forearm to bring attention to their toned muscles.

Tattoo on the back of a woman and a man

The tattoos on his back, both a man and a woman, give meaning to be shy and mysterious people. Something that can be exciting for many and many.

It is an area that is not always exposed, unless you have a tattoo near the neck or lower back. Discover a tattoo on her back in a sexual relationship can lead to many possibilities. What a that if any …: D

And the tattoo, since its inception, has possessed the erotic significance. Every rational or irrational animal carries in its genes draw attention adorning his body to exhibit and bring with it the opposite sex of the same species.

And you, what area you find most fascinating to see tattooed? What area look really erotic?