elastic scrunchie cause bacterial infection

Like many women, to wear my hair for me is synonymous with liguita or wear a rubber band on my right wrist if I have to pick up the hair from one moment to another. And I daresay that accessory carry in my hand is even more important to keep a watch on the other hand. And there’s nothing more frustrating than having to pick hair, but do not find what. And just so it happened to American Audree Kopp, who has dominated the news these days on social networks for sick because of a liguita or elastic scrunchie.

She never imagined that sicken by using a rubber band on your wrist. One day she began to notice a bump on the skin, ball type. Initially, it was thought that it was the bite of a spider or insect, but note that the lump kept growing he decided to go to the doctor, who prescribed antibiotics to stop the condition, which was not and he had surgery to extirpate the bulge of his hand.

Since then, she has been devoted to campaigning through social networks to tell their story and so prevent other girls to go through the same. Audrie Segou, she was lucky to be surgically operated on time and avoid the bacteria pass into the blood, which would have been fatal for her or any patient.

And as expected there are thousands of comments that have arisen after this news networks. Many wonder if it is dangerous to take the rubber band on your wrist. According to doctors use a rubber band in his hand is not risky, as long as the case of a clean accessory. Therefore it is often recommended to wash the bandages, which usually loaded with microbes hair. And above all, if you have any scrape or cut on the hand have a lot of caution and not put anything in his hand, as a band or bracelet can carry bacteria to the skin area that is open, as a result of the wound or scratch .

Permanent and relaxers cause abortions and other conditions

If you work in a beauty salon as hairstylist, colorist or stylist assistant and is planning to have a baby, you should be more careful when offering services to customers. And it is that a new study in the state of California has just revealed that women who apply relaxers, perms and chemical processes to hair clients have more risk of having an abortion. But that does this, the same research showed that those who offer these chemical procedures in beauty salons, also are more likely to suffer from asthma, dermatitis, hair loss and suffering from fibroids in the uterus.

During the study, performed by students of the School of Public Health at the University of California, several stylists interviewed confessed that they had stopped doing relaxers and permanent because they had noticed that when performed were ill or felt ill and therefore decided not to do these types of services. According to the same respondents, the problem is that manufacturers do not reveal relaxers and permanent in products each and every one of the dangerous ingredients they contain.