Do you lose more and more hair? Discover the secret of Viviscal

I always had thick hair, but after 30 years I began to notice that when I had a ponytail this was not as plentiful as it did before. Soon I began to accept that over the years the amount of hair is reduced. And this must be added the hormonal changes that pregnancy leave. I never took any specific vitamin for hair until I read last year about Viviscal. After reading so many investigations and testimonies I decided to buy my first bottle of Viviscal, in six months I will write a review about my experience with the product.

What most caught my attention about this vitamin is that dozens of celebrities have mentioned that take (as Cynthia Nixon, Christina Aguilera, Cate Blanchett, Miley Cyrus and Kate Hudson), but without receiving any payment in exchange for propaganda On inquiry on the results of these capsules, the first thing clear is that the manufacturer should not expect “magical changes from night to morning.”

What is Viviscal? According to information provided by the manufacturer, Viviscal is a line of vitamins and hair products that strengthen the hair shaft from the inside for it to grow healthy and strong. Most of weakening in the hair of women due to hormonal changes, stress and damage to hair through the years with the application of dyes and other chemicals. These and other factors make the hair pierdad health and strength. Therefore Viviscal is inspired by all those weaknesses and shortage of nutrients to deliver nutrients to the hair once had a natural way. To create this product line, the manufacturer uses nutrients including biotin and zinc, which help the hair keep growing healthy and natural from the inside, along with the patented marine protein complex AminoMar C, which is exclusively in Viviscal products. In fact, as recently as last year the sale and approval of Viviscal was approved in Canada.

In addition to the important Amino Sea, its manufacturer has revealed that his vitamin products also contain vitamin C, niacin, iron and millet seeds. “As explained in the growth cycle of healthy hair, each hair may be in a different stage of the growth cycle. With the passage of time, the duration of the anagen phase usually decreases, therefore, the hair can weaken and lose volume after each cycle. for this reason it is very important to eat a diet rich in specific nutrients throughout life, “says the company statement.

We recommend starting with vitamins and then gradually add other products Viviscal Growth Program and complete Hair Care: Viviscal Maximum Strength: prepares the scalp, Scalp Viviscal and Nourishing Conditioner Viviscal), and increases the volume (fiber volumizing Capilares Viviscal) .

Viviscal also has a line for men, which like the female line, provides vitamins, shampoo, conditioner and special products for the growth of male hair as the hair volumizing fibers, which are fibers of keratin that stick to hair creating an effect of abundance of hair in seconds. In other words, as soon as you apply wings fibers notes as hair instantly acquires thickness, volume or looks more abundant.