Discover tattoos 4 jurors at Cannes 2015

On May 24th Cannes Festival closed. The event dedicated to film presented a lot of expectation and curious news.

The jury was formed this time by Rossy de Palma, Sophie Marceau, Sienna Miller, Rokia Traore, Guillermo del Toro, Xavier Dolan and Jake Gyllenhaal.

And this is where I will focus my particular camera recording to discover the real and fictional 4 tattoos of actors who formed the team to select the best films.

The flamboyant actress and model Rossy De Palma, known as Almodóvar girl, has been the protagonist of the goal of many of the cameras and news.

Rossy de Palma is a multidisciplinary artist who has conquered fashion designers, musicians, artists and photographers from all over the world.

Rossy has its own perfume, Eau de Protection. The actress took part in the elaboration ingredients and packaging design: a black dragon. That same dragon design is that Rossy de Palma tattooed on one arm. A symbol of protection that certainly goes beyond a fragrance.

London actress, like his colleague Rossy De Palma, is loved by photographers and fashion world.

Turned into an icon, Sienna tattoos reflect much of his personality: discretion and elegance. The gorgeous actress wears a star on the shoulder, a swallow and a design star in the abdomen.

Having played a role in the film nominated for Oscars Clint Eastwood 6, Sniper, Sienna Miller just finished filming High Rise, Ben Wheatley. In addition soon he works with Ben Affleck in his new film, Live By Night, James Gray and The Lost City of Z.

The actor, born in Montreal a little over two decades ago, has a career and many others would like.

Dolan seduces the camera, and watching him pose for photographs could be said of him that is a professional model.

The actor takes very original tattoos that almost resemble the hipster culture. Among the designs that have tattooed, he highlights one dedicated to Harry Potter.

The young actor declared that tattoo: My reconciliation with him after Mommy starts here, referring to the film in which he starred.

The great American actor, who has starred in titles like Brokeback Mountain, Prisioners or that enigmatic Donnie Darko, apparently not of the celebrities who have tattoos.

However it was very significant that in one of his great interpretations of Prisioners, next to the great Hugh Jackman, who shone numerous temporary tattoos for filming.

In the film she could see the actor with tattoos esoteric subjects in the neck, arms, hands and back. The character of David Detective Loki, who plays Gyllenhaal does not explain why numerous tattoos or nervous tics performed, as in other films where the tattoo is part of the history of the plot.

I hope the actor decides tattoos done soon chords that great personality that sets it apart and show off in that splendid body that has muscled.