Depilatory bikini line with blade or rake

I do not think it’s a secret state that no beauty editor is a friend of the blades depilatory. No, we’re not talking about those little devices that are plugged into the mains and pluck the hair root. We are talking about the invention that connects blades to a handle and short hair wherever he goes.

But at the same time as we have our feet on the ground know that all women, including some beauty editor, such as writing this text has been used on occasion, a razor to remove urgently beautiful bikini line.

No, no, of all methods of hair removal is not the best option. Wax, laser or pulsed light get better results in an area characterized by a harsh and strong hair. But, however, the razor is an option we have at hand, cheaper and faster. So all resort to it on occasion. So…

Let’s start with open pores.

Without leaving the shower and light enough to see exactly what you do, apply a foam, gel or mousse specific for female hair removal. Yes, in case of emergency also it serves apply a little shower gel hands, lather soap and apply it in the area. But I think to use a moisturizing product that softens the passage of the blade through the skin more forcefully is better. Do not you think you like that? This is your skin.

With no perfume, Cream System for Woman Pure Unscented, US $ 30, is perfect for the most sensitive skin. Read Women Shave Mousse takes aloe vera and glycerin in its formula. And did you know there are even built blades gel Hair: Venus Breeze. US $ 17.49?

Do not squeeze or hurry too much or your skin will suffer, especially if it is sensitive or dry. Move your head in the opposite direction to the hairline without too fast nor too slow movements.

1. A pivoting head, not rigid, that is able to fit the curves. As the area of ​​English is not a flat area, if you do not get a razor with a head that fits the curves hairs will stay. An example? Schick Hydro Silk Razor and Bikini Trimmer TrimStyle. US $ 19.99

2. Look for heads with protective pads to prevent inadvertently can make a cut on the skin. If much addition is rounded woman (yes, you know, why our curves).

3. To achieve better results opt for models with three blades or more. So with fewer strokes you make sure your skin better and suffer less. Gilette Venus Embrace has 5 leaves. From US $ 14.

4. As we suggest that emplees in the shower is good to choose a model that has a slip magician.

5. Rinse well head home after use and change it regularly -if recambiable-. Especially I throw it away if you see that the blades turn dark or bother you to pass on your skin.

6. And as sure you know, the blades depilatory, such as toothbrushes, do not lend. They are single use hygienic products.

Moisturize the area very well right out of the shower. Search creams -better than fluidos- with thick textures that provide water and oils to your skin. If the formula includes plant extracts with calming effects, better A recommendation? Aloe vera extract that has anti-inflammatory properties, as Amy White Aloe Vera Moisturizing Body Lotion US $ 17.58 and Vienna Triple Lanolin Aloe Vera US $ 11.

If you are thinking to apply yourself a little color in the area with a self-tanner, I have bad news. You have to leave at least 24 h to achieve a uniform tone and neither can you can sunbathe this day, not even using sunscreens screen tota l! Trust me, be forewarned …