Coca-cola hair

More than 30 years ago he became very popular carry cans and bottles of Coca-Cola to the beach or pool, and not to refresh the palate on a hot summer day, but to lie that drink above the body and achieve a spectacular tan. Now the world of beauty again be awesome with the soft drink world number one, this time for their alleged and wonderful effects on hair.

It all started when the model Suki Waterhouse said in an interview that his great secret to look a mane with great volume and texture is that her hair with Coca-Cola is washed. According to statements made by the model, she does not use shampoo to wash your hair, but some refreshment, which rinsed and ready.

From this interview for the magazine US Weekly, they have exploded the number of videos where thousands of women around the world is washing her hair with the gas. A few like the effect of Coca-Cola in the hair, while others see no effect after using the product, and some simply see it as a bad idea.

What is the Coca-Cola rinse your hair?

As noted by the model Suki Waterhouse, use the soda in the hair used to give hair natural waves. In other words, the gas fulfills the same function as the products they sell to achieve shorebirds waves like you just leave the sea. But this effect is not possible for any type of hair, but only for girls straight hair without volume or texture.

And that does not mean that women with other hair types can not get to, but simply are not going to achieve the look fresh from the sea. For best results the hair should be straight and without texture.

How to apply the gas to the hair?

As a general rule, wash your hair only with Coca-Cola. This trend is very similar to washing the hair with vinegar, where it is completely eliminated the use of shampoo and conditioners. Once you have your hair wet proceeds to throw a bottle or can of drink throughout the hair. Being such a liquid product, you should make sure to apply it slowly, so that the hair to absorb as much soda as possible. If you have short hair with a can or bottle will be enough, but if you have long hair, it is best to use two.

After soaking the hair in soda, massage a little hair and proceeds to rinse hair with cold water. Let your hair dry naturally or use a blow dryer to remove excess water, but not with the brush combs, as the effect of waves disappear shirts.

What’s in the Coca-cola benefits the hair?

If you have straight hair, no doubt Coca-Cola will make magic on you, because that drink tien a combination of PH and phosphoric acid when it comes into contact with your hair, makes an effect on the hair cuticle making the whole hair look more defined waves. Furthermore, if the application of sugar gives you a little shine. So you remain a high-sugar, no doubt, will achieve a shiny hair.

Although it is said that you can not use shampoo, some say your hair as usual with shampoo washed and then the gas is applied as if it were a conditioner that remove with cold water. So if you have straight hair, is not one day more test the effect of Coke on the hair. To prove you have nothing to lose.