Chanel, fashion 2013

True to the style of incombustible Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion show spring summer 2013 Chanel back with some of his classics. Are those items that are renewed season after season and, simultaneously, they are always different which we love. That is why we are constantly. They are the hallmark of every house. Clothing and shoes that recognize at a glance and then, we identify.

As expected, the tweed suit jacket with delicate and comfortable cuts emerging from the needles of the legendary Coco Chanel’s undisputed star. Yes, skirts became shorter and patterns become more youthful. If we add sporty details such as patterned shirt, it seems this high fashion house Paríshace a nod to an increasingly young audience accustomed to comfort.

Shoes, in black, as if we were on the catwalk winter and with a wide heel than the original, which rather looks like a cúna-, complete with a platform. The summery touch comes from the Roman ankle knotted strips. The photo model, combined with any style may not be suitable for forming the wardrobe that every fashion addict wants.

These designs, both reminiscent of the seventies, have the substrate precious exclusive shoes made in the thirties by Salvatore Ferragamo. The rounded tip, the outer rise and wide heels were favorites of the Italian master.

If you want a more summery and cooler than the previous model black design, here are some ideas. The black combined with beige (favorite Chanel) and white with red give a sailor and cheerful about this shoe. The subtle combination of stripes and pure colors of clothes (white, blue, black, red) also provide timeless elegance.

Nothing else to say that the two are perfect for long and wonderful holidays.

An important when dressing is the total styling point, that is, the combination of clothes, shoes and other accessories. It is true that when a tailored suit as the photo is chosen is easy to opt for heels or platforms. These models also if you are average or tall, also divinely go with flat shoes types dancers. Well, stylistic and original note puts combining Chanel suit with shoes that follow the lines of the esparteñas or espadrilles.

Straight, loose and strapless neckline dresses are rabid fashion this summer. Caution should be exercised when wear them because they do not feel at all well for us and difficult to carry. Sandals with wedges and platforms, such as photos, are the most hackneyed when such models look option.

But Chanel, despite its constant innovation, originality and winks to urban youth models, not renounce its identity. As the bag 2:55 and tweed suit, the shoe in ivory with black toe is a classic of the house.

We see women involved in politics, aristocrats and shining stars of the red carpet. The versatility of this shoe, designed by the great Coco inspired by a peasant espadrilles, leads decade conquering the hearts of fashion addicts of half the planet.

The photo model winks to that timeless design to incorporate the clear vinyl shoe giving the feeling (by far) that is beige skin. That was the desire of Coco Chanel that footwear had the same tone as tanned skin. By placing the toe in black, on the one hand, it protected the light color and, on the other, visually, is getting shorten the foot.

Remember that image dress with strapless neckline and straight to mid-thigh is only suitable for women with good figure, tall and straight shoulders.

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