Catrina, the skull, step by step

Day approaches witches and the day of the dead, dates we see all kinds of costumes and hairstyles. Speaking of characters there is one that every year is taking more and more strength among women, I mean “The garbancera skull” with hairstyle red or pink roses, very typical in Mexico for the festivities of Day of the Dead.

The guise of “La Calavera Garbancera”, also known as Catrina, is inspired by the skull woman the Mexican artist Diego Rivera painted in the middle of his mural “Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park” representing culture and the history of that country.

In fact to shape his work, Rivera was inspired by the woman who ran all the festivities related to the Day of the Dead, The Lady of Death, which was later named Catrina by the painter.

Despite being a costume that could generate some fear, makeup, dress and comb her hair as a whole Catrina is super elegant presentation.

Catrina hairstyle, the skull garbancera

Once you completed your hairstyle you ready to put yourself flowers around your head. It is best to wear makeup you first get dressed and when you’re ready to leave, you put the flowers. You can choose natural or fabric roses. The most traditional are the red, but you can also use pink or you prefer; it is a matter of imagination to look Catrina style, the most popular skull Day of the Dead.