Caring for your hair with highlights (flashes)

Flares are an excellent alternative for those who want a touch of color to your hair but without the commitment to go every month to the stylist to touch up the roots. But beware, this does not mean pampering forget to give your hair to look healthy and silky. And is that if you use unsuitable products run the risk that the color disappears quickly or, most common and worse, this change and look too bright or even greenish. Moreover, it often happens that the hair is partly because the thread is opened and weakened.

Select the type of flash suitable for your hair and lifestyle: Not all have an equal effect highlights. There are various techniques to deposit color. If you want a natural look prefers surfer-girl style highlights, which is currently very popular. To create the desired effect essentially single color around the face and in the most superficial part of your hair is deposited.

When washing: I Rinse with cold water to seal the thread. It is best to use a shampoo formulated for hair with sparkles. Usually, each brand of hair care products has a line for hair with highlights. One of the best is Aveda Color Conserve, which cleaners and conditioners are up to 93 percent of natural ingredients derived from plants.

But, if you notice that the strand is weakened and the color is very yellow (looks rusty or brassy) acquires a shampoo and conditioner to deposit color. An excellent choice, Aveda also is Clove Clove Shampoo and Conditioner Color. These products provide your hair shine and a sweet tone, “killing” the unnatural yellow. However, it is important to know that the conditioner is really deposited color. So if your hair is oily, the recommendation of the experts is that you wash and use that conditioner, followed again a little shampoo that will apply only to the root.

Avoid products that are promoted as clarifying (to clarify) because very quickly removed the deposited color.

Protect the environment: Avoid discoloration protecting from the sun. For example, before going to the beach slather a product (leave-in-conditioner) to serve as a barrier against the sun, wind, chlorine and environmental elements. also wear a hat or cover your hair nice to inclement weather and environment handkerchief.

Dale pampering: Once a week apply a hair mask. In addition, every time you wash, use a cream, serum or leave-in droplets to prevent hair from splitting or look static. Remember apply on wet or dry hair only at the tips. Some products you can try include: Dove Leave-In Cream, Fruitopia Silk & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum and Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream, which has a very pleasant smell.

Use a wide-tooth comb: Comb your hair with a comb instead of a brush, and avoid from hair. Do it gently and calmly. Unravels the tips first.

Forget the hand dryer: Unless you go to a party, it’s best to let your hair dry naturally. Heat pays the color fades.