Caring for your hair girls

For most girls love to wear long hair and if you have short beg her mom to be left to have it grow long and glamorous as a Barbie, a princess or any other of your favorite dolls. But Mom is often those who suffer with the realization of this desire, for the girl’s hair is constantly tangled untangle and sometimes crying and pataletean.

According to the stylist for children, Maria Marrero, hair care of a child is as simple as using a good conditioner each time you wash your hair. “You’ll save a lot of time to untangle also so avoid pulling the hair of the girl and it hurts so much,” Marrero says.

The basic hair care a child begins to use a neutral pH shampoo for children. Always apply a conditioner to give softness, shine, strengthen it and of course, make it easy to unwind. Although there are conditioners for children, you can also use a conditioner for adults, but make sure it is to regulate hair or virgin, no conditioners dyed or chemically processed hair.

As for washing hair girls it should be washed every two or three days, but if he plays and sweats daily, it should be washed every day. When you apply the conditioner massaging the scalp with your fingertips lightly pressing the head. Take the time to untangle with a comb with wide legs. Whatever will achieve in less than a minute! And like our hair, remember that the right way to untangle it from the bottom up, ie, begins to comb through the ends to get to the root.

One mistake some parents is to allow their children to go to bed with your hair wet or damp semi plus “catch” a cold or flu, it is fatal for hair, because it rots. Nor let your child ponytails, braids done, or hooks with hair still wet or damp sets.

If your child’s hair tends to suffer from “frizz” you can use oil droplets that we use to control moisture. I know mothers who use the hand dryer and hair styling iron their girls. Personally, it’s okay for a special occasion, but “torture” a girl with the heat of the dryer or iron constantly is not an activity for children. In addition think of the damage that make the tools of heat to the hair strand.

Moreover, you should make brushing as routine as brushing your teeth activity, so get used to your girl combing her hair in the morning and at night. Sleep is picked up slightly with a rubber cloth and hair not mistreat or entangles while sleeping. It is very important that you teach your child to brush hooks, hats, headbands, and any hair accessory is as personal as it is the toothbrush. If your daughter understands this will prevent you from getting an unwanted wave of lice that may be attacking her friends and classmates.

Last but not least, like us it is highly recommended that cuts the hair tips of your child often. You could do it every two or three months, depending on how you view your points. Remember that in childhood we train women of tomorrow, so give a good example regarding your own hair and so she will.