capillaries tattoos. micropigmentation

Hair loss in men is given by genetic factors and sometimes emotional circumstances. They are also caused by the causes diseases.

This represents a problem for many men of insecurity. Resort to techniques capillaries, hairpieces or transplants resigned to take his baldness as best they can.

Baldness in man is not ugly in the eyes of a woman. On the contrary, the skinheads often remain very sexy in men. But if the problem lies with them, feel safer, any method they choose to fix it is acceptable.

Today I will show the capillary technique micropigmentation or permanent makeup. A very satisfactory solution and with great results also do not involve much cost. This is not a conventional tattoo and, as you can see, is a very natural simulation of hair to which you can resort if your problem is even partially. That is, if you suffer with large entries in the hairline or have clear at the crown or center of the head.

What is the capillary micropigmentation?

Capillary micropigmentation is a specialty micropigmentation getting very sophisticated simulation of a natural hairline on the scalp.

It is based on the tattoo hair follicles and artistic technique hair simulation. It is not conventional tattoo. This paramedical micropigmentation requires the use of equipment, needles and completely different pigments. The technique itself is highly specialized and takes years of training to achieve perfection. If the client does not support besides pain, it is given local anesthesia to make more bearable the session.

This technique is indicated for total or partial alopecia, baldness, scarring, loss of hairline (tickets) or thinning hair.

The result is a hair shaven look optically simulates hair growth. The aspect that offers suits all ages, ideal for men who suffer irreversible fall of hair. Specialists carefully choose the tattoo pigment color to suit each customer in a personalized way.

Is any maintenance is required for this technique?

With this transdermal hair replication just you need maintenance. You must follow the advice of the specialist to the letter once the operation. In addition you can go to the clinic to modify or adapt your hairstyle. The results are very durable.

What we must remember is that if your hair loss is partial, must take the shaved hair that contrasts with the tattoo is not noticed.

Can I have a capillary micropigmentation in a tattoo studio?

The answer is no. This technique requires many years of experience and specialty. A guarantee that only a cosmetic clinic dedicated to hair treatments can give you. Go to a tattoo artist for you to have a simulation of hair can not bring the desired results and will be the cure worse than the disease.

There are several clinics specializing in this technique, which have great prestige. Internet searches and research before making any decision, advise you on what steps to take and the guarantee of a good result to your problem.

How much?

It depends on the quantity, nature and severity of your problem alopecia, baldness or thinning hair. The extent of your baldness or alopecia is measured according to the Norwood-Hamilton scale, showing the progressive stages of male pattern baldness. Rest assured that the price will be much cheaper than a hair transplant and more expensive than a conventional tattoo. In addition you will not need surgery and healing is very fast.

One important thing to keep in mind

Visit your dermatologist or specialist clinic when your problem has to do with the hair or skin. Follow their advice.