Camper shoes for autumn winter man

Because that’s what brings the firm Camper: an innovative proposal, but also with one point more than casual when dressing the feet of men. And if you take a look at the model image brown leather suede with applications in yellow, a color rather than the Majorcan fashion house also proposes to his women’s collection.

You walk me through this catalog of Camper shoes for men?

As this cordoned shoe that, despite their lines so futuristic, may also be suitable for this fund must for any gentleman who likes fashion wardrobe. Polish the skin and neutral tones make also it is valid with multiple outfits.

But they are not, because in them seems to have an almost complicit wink artistic concepts. I’m not going, or at least do not think so. Simply that the “recorded” the laces of this model remind me of human bones. Specifically, the ribs.

No offense to get us all in complex wheat fields (of which I will not get out), you can not deny me, my dear reader, that this model fabric houndstooth (a resource for women widely used among Italian shoemakers) no it is more than perfect for the new urban gentleman. It has a sporty, sophisticated, comfortable touch and an irresistible retro air.

Because one of the lines like much to the home are the Oxford Camper shoes, but not strictly following the classic tracks. It is rather mixed concepts, materials and ideas. That is what ultimately innovation, which should be constant in the world of fashion.

The copy of the image is suitable for work, even if uniformity is required as a suit, because it has the lines of a dress shoe.

Also suitable for daily work and for the rigors of cold are these half boots. Camper shoes typically have an average price, and hovering, normally 200 euros (about 250 dollars). One idea is to make this kind of more timeless designs on sale. Hopefully, you can get an interesting discount. Of course, you have to be clear about the size and international conversion.

Rabid sports trend are these boots with a peculiar sole making triangles that make it more than adequate for snow and not only for the rigors of winter.

Do you seem serious? The same model you prefer that I bring below.

Because neon colors (green, blue, yellow, magenta or purple) have several seasons stomping. They are tones that defy the sadness and imposed with a cheerful point that more than one will seduce, as the last page of the report.

Since Camper also makes these suggestive sneakers or slippers for comfort and warm at home. And without losing the elegance and glamor!