Bronzing: types and uses

Contrary to popular belief, sunscreens can contribute much more than a simple cinnamon tone. For tens of makeup artists, the “solar” products are miraculous, to the point of take off a few kilos more as if by magic, giving life to a quick make-up, help you refine your face or enhance your cleavage.

However, even though this type of makeup offers a lot of advantages, most women do not dare use it for fear of falling into an error or an unfavorable results. Learn to recognize what is right bronzer for you and how to apply it in simple steps. Dare yourself!

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Look for the color that suits you …

The search for the “ideal” bronzer is not easy. Call it something like kiss a dozen frogs to find your prince You’ll have to try different brands, textures and finishes. A common mistake is to apply a dark bronzer, giving a dirty or smudged appearance.

Those with brown undertones bronzers are perfect for black skin or brown. Peaches nicely complement the white skins and if your complexion is yellowish, chooses a tile based. Again, it is not easy but worth the effort.

If you still have doubts, you can choose to bronzers mosaics which when mixed, give you a flattering color on different skin tones.

… Without forgetting the finish and texture

Unlike blushes, bronzers products have several functions: to achieve a solar effect (yes, I mean that cinnamon colorcito you get on the beach) or define, enhance or conceal factions. Keep in mind your purpose at all times. Matte bronzers are ideal for contouring your face, especially if you search for “create” cheekbones or hide jowls, while the shiny suntan lotions serve to spice up an evening makeup, but does not look as natural as the first.

The texture also has bar-a bronzer or cream makeup not perfect or as many as one in powder or compact. The main thing is to walk you through your skin type and the results you want. For more details, take a look at this quick guide

· Dry skin: cream or mousse versions. They mix well and add moisture to your face.

· Oily skin: powder or compact versions. Generally, they last longer (an advantage for oily skin) and absorb sebum.

· Sensitive Skin: hypoallergenic, organic or mineral versions.

· Mixed or normal skin: those that suit your face. You can even opt for liquid versions, which provide a different texture and condition of your skin will not be compromised.

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Paintbrushes: infallible ally

Among the children, work, family and household chores, women live in a busy world -for this reason, it is understandable that we maquillemos fingers in less than five minutes. It is valid, but when it comes to suntan lotion, it is best to use the proper brushes.

When applying suntan lotion, you have two options: a brush type or range in angular. Whatever your choice, it is large in size; thus avoids very marked lines that can come to be seen as a stain. A large brush gives you a smoother application and, if you are looking defining features commitment to fan brush.

The “rule of 3” makeup

Sunscreens, when coupled with the blush and illuminator can give you incredible results. These three products are perfect for “altering” your features and make you look awake and flawless complexion in minutes. Before venturing out, you know more about them

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Tips for perfect application

· Although the shape of your face plays an essential role, you can use this basic tip if you are a beginner

– Application in “W” is nothing more than form a “W” from the temple, going through the cheeks and nose and ending at the temple on the opposite side. Undoubtedly, the most natural and simple way.

– Application in “E”: a trick to achieve a tan “sunless”. Start from the forehead (at hairline), bordering the corners of the face, cheeks and continues again skirts the face to mask the chin. Repeat on the opposite side.

To be honest, it reads more complicated than it really is. This application seeks to color the areas where the sun could burn naturally.

· Define and hides: using a matte bronzer, makeup areas you want to hide and enhanced with soft but firm strokes. Do not just jowl or cheeks … bronzers are miraculous in other features!

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· Become an ally of this trio! Blusher in the center of the cheeks, bronzer along the cheekbones and illuminating above will give you an enviable shape. The key? Mix and blend well.

· If saturaste your face color, press gently with facial tissues or rice leaves to remove excess.