Botox for hair?

To compete with the hair keratin botox

If you’ve thought about getting a Keratin treatment to soften your hair and eliminate frizz your hair, you should consider the latest styling market, capillary botox. And although his name reminds you of botulinum toxin injections used to attack facial wrinkles, migraine or muscle spasms, this treatment has nothing to do with the original “Botox”.

This is very similar to the keratin treatment, but is faster and less strong ingredients; it is made primarily of silicon and nutrients. Basically filled the hair fiber healing the damage which has been exposed, restoring shine, volume and strength. And they called capillary effect Botox for hair instantly improve and restore life. Therefore it is highly recommended for hair mistreated by the sun, dyes, any chemical process or continued use of heat tools, such as dryers, curling irons or iron.

This treatment consists of three steps and only you can get it in a professional salon. First the hair with a special clarifying shampoo to remove any residue from the thread and open the cuticle lava. With a hair dryer moisture is removed and once dry start to apply botox strand by strand.

Once the hair is saturated with botox head is covered with a special hat for half an hour and then water is applied to remove about 70% of botox. Finally the hair is dried with a dryer and hair iron to absorb the botox.

Like the keratin treatment that lasts about three months, no clutch not have to use a special shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair at home as with the keratin treatment. Another difference is that you can wash your hair the day after the treatment and its effect is not affected.

Botox injections for hair loss

Beyond being effective to treat wrinkles in different areas of the face, relieve migraine and even muscle spasms, botulinum toxin, mostly known as Botox, it can be used to treat hair loss.

As indicated by several studies, Botox increases blood circulation to the hair follicles, which consequently stimulates hair growth. It is said that this discovery was made by Simon Ourian plastic surgeon who injected Botox into the scalp of her mother in order to relieve headaches suffered it. To his surprise, after the first application of Botox, her mother not only received pain relief, but also she noticed that her hair was growing stronger, fuller and healthier than usual.

Following this discovery, the American doctor conducted more tests and experiments for three years, concluding that botulinum toxin is effective in treating any type of fall or temporary alopecia, ie all those that have nothing to do with genetic alopecia. In other words, if a gentleman is bald by hereditary factors, Botox can not make the “miracle” to restore hair, but if a woman loses her hair for reasons of stress, dietary imbalances, hormonal changes or following chemotherapy you can benefit from botox.

However, many doctors disagree with the “discovery” of Dr. Ourian, ensuring that there is sufficient evidence that Botox accelerates hair growth. Anyway, as other products, at the discretion of the patient decide whether or not they Llas botox injections in his scalp is.