Beware hair dryer

Surely, for those who do not have the advantage of having hair like a Japanese, hand dryer is one of the best inventions that have been created. Personally, the first thing I pack when traveling is my dryer but take space in my small suitcase, because dry my hair with “hair dryer” of a hotel I could take two hours, and I’m not exaggerating!

But, our best friend, when our hair styling can also betray us; she opens your eyes because your hair can become the number one enemy of your hair. I refer to the consequences of using a “blower” abusively and without taking the necessary measures to hair care.

The dryer does more damage than you imagine and you do not see. Drying hair after drying spoil leaving it dull and brittle. But this does not mean you have to stop using this tool beauty. You just have to limit its use to a maximum of three times a week and follow these recommendations

1. Before using the dryer, you must remove excess water with a towel to use the heat as possible. But I rub gently to not punish her hair. Remember that when the hair is wet is when it is most fragile. It is for the same reason that the wet hair disentangles from the bottom up and quite wide comb “teeth”.

2.No not clutch a hot pot without wear gloves or use a towel. So why expose the hair to direct heat? Although we can not compare the skin with the hair, if I can say thank you if your hair before subjecting “fire” the dryer will apply a serum or product that protects the heat which will be submitted. Today there are anti-heat all brands and all types of budget products. Its function is to apply a protective layer that reduces heat damage. If you ran your product puts a permanent conditioner or oil droplets. Moreover, the heat should never exceed 180 degrees. If you do, you expose your hair too dry and keratin with your hair naturally has melted.

3. Never, never, never let stuck to a strand or piece of hair dryer because you’ll burn. The distance is recommended to keep the dryer 30 to 15 centimeters. Dry hair always back and forth, dividing each section into two or three tufts and drying from the root to the tips. As soon as the lock is dry, use the low temperature to stylize. As soon finish drying and stylize all hair applies cold air, which is very beneficial to seal the cuticle and provide natural shine to the hair. Wide brushes are ideal for drying and stretching, while small are perfect to shape your hair. A bigger faster brush your hair dry and vice versa.

4. Although not mistreated your hair look naked eye, but you use the dryer constantly, opt for a shampoo and conditioner for dry or damaged hair. It also uses a mask or special treatment for damaged and dry hair every one to two weeks. And as you watch your hair if you use the dryer always see split ends, so you must go to the salon for a cut of tips every six to eight weeks.

5.Cuidado with the sun. Like the skin must protect your hair anytime you expose yourself to the sun, especially if you’re going to do for several hours. When you go out for a walk or run put a hat. Search here for the complete guide on how to take care of your hair from the sun.