Best Prince tattoos. Tribute to an Icon

On April 21, 2016 left us one of the leading representatives of international pop. Prince, Minneapolis singer, blew out his voice forever. Although his fans around the world will follow remembering and paying tribute.

Contemplate the best tattoos dedicated to this artist who left a great legacy in the world of music.

Prince was an artist with a petite height, but on stage shone with his eccentric way of dressing that marked trend and also was his trademark.

Many said that the ups and heels worn served to supply the big ego that had the artist.

This tattoo in black and gray, made brush strokes, shows the strength that showed Prince when he played his songs and always accompanied by his inseparable guitar.

Great details provided by the tattoo artist.

Sexy and provocative, while androgynous, Prince love all their fans with that delicate face full of eroticism. It is said of him that he was the man who possessed more sentimental relationships per second, and he flaunted it. This never muddied his talent or his musical career, which were impeccable.

In this tattoo, the tattoo artist has managed to capture with complete realism each of his features.

This tattoo reminds the late King of Pop Michael Jackson. Prince’s followers, however, praised the talent of the Prince and compared him to Jackson.

They argued that in addition to voice all his subjects, Prince composed his songs and engaged heavily in each of its productions.

This tattoo color and abstract, is one of the best songs composed by Prince: Purple Rain.

Purple Rain was launched in 1984, and also made a film with the same name. This meant the massive stardom for Prince.

The album sold more than fifteen million copies in the US alone, the film broke box office records and led to a subsequent North American tour, which began in Detroit in November 1984 and ended in Miami in April 1985.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best tributes to the work of the artist.

In 1992, Prince she released the album known as Symbol, which meant an advance to the change of name Prince by this symbol tattoo on the photo.

The symbol represents the ambiguity that the artist showed: a fusion between masculine and feminine. He also became meaning of eroticism.

Prince postponed two performances of his Piano & A Microphone Tour on April 7, 2016, at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta (USA), claiming he was fighting the flu.

However, Atlanta concert held on Thursday, April 14, although it is still not feeling well. After the concert, the next morning, during the flight back home, his private plane made an emergency landing at the Quad City International Airport in Moline, Illinois, so they could give medical treatment.

Their representatives indicated that he was suffering dehydration Yque had been battling the flu for several weeks. reported that he was treated for an overdose of painkillers six days before his death because he suffered from severe pain hip that kept treated with strong painkillers that produce addiction.

Prince died at 57 years and will be remembered as an icon that will be part of the history of music and art.