Beauty Tips for every skin type

Your skin will speak, do you take the time to listen? Or you apply a cream and go. With its smoothness, softness, color … or grains, glitter, flakes … is telling you what you have left and what is missing. Can you imagine a baby that when asked water give it a butter cake? Or that when you need to supplement their diet with vegetables rich in vitamins only give you meat and protein? As in a similar way some women relate with their skin.

Brightness, scales, redness … In most cases nobody taught us why appeared. We learned from a friend, reading a magazine there … So it is important that we devote 10 minutes, no more, to clarify your doubts and to read well the signs that you throw your skin and identify, without making a mistake, what type of skin you have and what conditions often manifest this type. Because the skin is not static, you can change and mutate by internal and external causes (sun, cold, very high heating …) or. You know, your skin will influence changes in diet, lack of sleep, stress, pregnancy, spending many hours in the office and not be exposed to natural light minimal … But, well, you’re a smart girl you will know be finding the solution to every problem, before knowing what type of skin parts. Let us begin.

Living in a warm and humid climate, stress, genetics (your parents have oily skin ?, a temporary hormonal imbalance (adolescence) … your skin can bring about undesirable visits: pimples, blackheads, enlarged pores and clogged, glitter … These are the signs of identity of oily skin, one of the most common problems among both younger than 20 years as in many older women in times of stress (especially you get pimples on chin).

In oily skin hygiene it is as necessary as breathing. Both on rising and at bedtime should be cleaned with a specific product. Plus there to keep misconceptions: oily skin can not forget moisturizers because no water to spare fat. Therefore, looking gels or fluids (no creams) that offer it.


It is essential to take care oily skin with oil-free products without oils, and also ensure that not clog pores or rather, the output of the sebaceous glands. You will know that in the package are called ‘non-comedogenic’. So steer clear of Vaseline and any petroleum. And be careful with the makeup formulas sleazy and shadows and blushes cream: bring yet more sparkle to your complexion. Two cosmetic lines that fit well with your needs are: Estee Lauder Clear Difference (especially if you spend 25 years) or La Roche-Posay Effaclar (for all ages). Watch Estee Lauder and La Roche-Posay.

Skin with acne. In addition, as you know, sometimes oily skin can become a skin prone to acne. To learn more about it and how to treat it, click here.

Combination skin has everything that defines oily skin but the call delimited zone ‘T’ (forehead, nose and chin). So in that area, appear grains and brightness but not on the cheeks or temples. So the mixed skin needs to purify and balance the skin of that part of the skin, without the rest malnourished.


Use formulas specially designed for cleaning and moisturizing skin mixed light.

Go fulfilling years, pregnancy (especially from the fourth month), skin diseases such as hypersensitivity or rosacea, snuff … can make the skin dry, even that is too dry. Although it can not be any of these changes in the body and the skin is drying more and more. The reason? There are external factors that can affect it: some situations that can influence live in a warm, dry environment, drinking too few fluids usual, have very high heating in winter, sunbathing much in summer or travel a lot by plane are in this problem.

A dry skin is tight, rough, cracked and lifeless note. You can even chop and peel flakes if too dry. You know you’re facing a skin of this type if the area around the eyes wrinkles will appear at earlier ages than your friends (are nasty ‘crow’s feet’). Or if to get a cream (such as anti-aging cream homemade Alejandra Espinoza) absorbs in seconds. That means you need water, water and water and also some emollient agent.


Search creams containing moisturizing agents capable of binding to the skin and strengthening the skin barrier as hyaluronic acid (1 gram is only capable of holding up to 1 liter of water), urea and glycolic acid (in low concentration). And in your case, as well, you must forget the aggressive detergents and cleaners, however, never forget to have a photoresist that defend the sun (though actually this last tip is a must for all …). To help her, give her an overnight treatment that has a ‘cocktail’ moisturizing assets such as Biotherm Aquasource Night Spa.

Women with this skin type suffer an ordeal. Suffer outbreaks of swelling, irritation, burning, itching … as a reaction to certain internal changes (lactation, stress ..) or external as bacteria, allergens or even the use of a given cosmetic. So if this is your case, you should always pay attention to product formulation purchases.


See that cosmetics buy non-alcoholic and perfume and having an adequate proportion of concentrates.

Rosacea. Within the sensitive skin there is a problem that should be treated separately. Rosacea is an annoying skin reaction, an inflammatory process in the famous ‘T’ and / or cheeks display makes reddened and granites. its origin is not known although it is related to stress, alcohol consumption, temperature changes, some drugs, genetics … The women suffer more light-skinned and from 35-40 years. Personally I recommend you go to a dermatologist if you think you may have rosacea because it is a disease of the skin and he knows what treatment and what proportion is recommended for each case to avoid complications.

Atopic dermatitis is another disease related to sensitive and dry skin for me, personally, I prefer to do without corticosteroids as possible. You can learn more about it and what products to use by clicking here.

Having a dry, oily or combination skin you can also suffer the effects of a stressed skin. It’s ‘gift’ makes us the pollution in cities, the anxiety with which we live, work or studies, lack of sleep … The skin is stressed when you have to face the attacks that come but does not have enough reserves to emerge victorious from the struggle.


If this is you and you are very young, and learn to relax, meditate or do some sport I recommend a home, soft remedy, which is doing very well these skins.

Do not confuse the wonderful freckles with skin hyperpigmentation problems. Pregnancy (especially in the dark) and hormonal treatments, acne, sun exposure without precaution … can make your skin melanin generate these spots we talked about. And here the sun is always the enemy to avoid so you must protect your skin with a cream with UV, both summer and winter.

Those spots are veils of a light beige or tan, irregular, large or small and more or less abundant. Out on the face (some women arise in the contour of the lips if they get the sun) and also in the neck and back of hands with age.


It requires products with glycolic, lactic acid or other skin lightening and perseverance. Vitamin C also has a bleaching action. Creams for face creams are often called perfeccionadoras tone as Avene D-Pigment Rich or Olay Regenerist Luminous. Buy it at Amazon Avene. Watch Olay.

In this type of skin we are not going to be extended because it is so rare as greatly desired. It is the skin that is satisfied, pretty, barely alive without imperfections. You simply need appropriate to their age, able to prevent the effects of aging products and a fixed routine.