Baking soda and tomato juice for hair

Often we care about getting the best beauty products sold in beauty salons, pharmacies, in department stores or online. However, it is in the kitchen where you could find excellent ingredients to make yourself the best products and beauty treatments at home. And it is that almost all foods provide something when it comes to preparing a beauty treatment. And before moving to a list of treatments you can do at home, I want to remember that like the products we buy at the pharmacy, we all natural remedies you are good to everyone. As in everything, what I find is not necessarily good for you too and others. So it depends on the hair type and needs of your hair. So, test everything, I assure you trying everything you can is that you are getting the best treatments for your hair and of course, for your skin too.

But today we will not talk about home remedies for hair, such as masks mayonnaise, egg, olive oil or honey, but the wonders they can do for your hair baking soda and tomato juice.

Tomato juice: When you have a good diet to strengthen hair, the tomato is undoubtedly one of the most recommended vegetables or fruits. And, its high content of vitamins and iron not only helps strengthen hair, but also increases the natural shine of hair. In addition, constantly eating tomatoes helps to balance the PH and to control the appearance of dandruff. But apart from all these benefits that you get to eat tomatoes, you can also take advantage of the tomato juice and use it as a product or treatment. You can use tomato juice that comes canned, or even better you can do it yourself using a food processor or enser for juicing. Once you have the juice ready, apply it to all your hair from root to tip, making sure that each strand of hair gets a lot of juice. Put a plastic and leave it on for at least half an hour cap. He then proceeds to wash your hair as usual. You’ll notice more shine and softness after treatment of tomato juice. You can apply it to the hair every week.

Baking soda: If you feel your hair is intoxicated with the use of many products such as shampoo, fixatives, gels, waxes, oils, foams, masks and other treatments, should know that baking soda is one of the most popular products the time to clean the hair in depth. In fact, it is proven that when you apply the powder to your hair, it manages to start any dirty and waste that have accumulated in your hair. Contrary to other products which are mainly used as a mask or wetting treatments, when using baking soda is a replacement of shampoo you use regularly. And to use as shampoo’ll combine ¾ cups water with ¼ cup of baking soda. Mix well and start applying through the hair starting from the ends up. After applying the mixture all over the hair, leave it to act for two minutes and prosecute hair rinse thoroughly with warm water. How conditioner you can use to always use after washing hair with baking soda, but it is best that you do it with a little apple cider vinegar. As you’ve probably heard out there, millions of women around the world have changed the shampoo and conditioner by traditional duo of baking soda and vinegar, better known as the “No Poo” method or “No shampoo”.