bad hair does not exist: The book that every girl should have

Over the years many have wondered who came up with “baptize” bad hair named the curly hair, afro, unkempt or curl, as none of these types of hair has done an evil act. What it has done much harm to millions of girls growing up with the idea that your hair is bad, which is certainly a blow to the self-esteem of any small. Indeed, that was what he lived Sulma Arzu-Brown when one day a nurse told one of his daughters who had the bad hair. This and other incidents inspired Sulma ArzĂș brrown to write a book that would help girls understand that there is no bad hair … So “Bad Hair Not There” was born.

If there is something that every girl who reads this book will remember forever it is that any type of hair is good and there is no kind of bad hair. And it is that the colorful pages show more than 20 types of hair through fun illustrations by the artist Honduran Isidra Wise. At the end of the book, girls find fun to draw different types of hair and implement the beautiful lesson of this book activities.

If you live or are visiting the city of New York, do not miss the opportunity to meet the author during the presentation of “bad hair does not exist”, envento that will be full of fun for children, with storytelling, songs , games and book signing.

Date: Wednesday, July 15 at 1:30 PM

Location: Barnes & Noble, 150 East 86th Street, NY, NY

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