Back to the Future tattoos. Is there anyone there, McFlay?

Last October 21 was held the day that Marty McFlay came forward. The news was reported as part of our history. A day to celebrate progress and new technologies that promised to be decades later.

Lovers Spielberg movie saga echoed the news were made to pay tribute to Marty and Doc, in the famous Delorean, they tidied the past to enjoy a better present.

In this article you will also enjoy 5 tattoos with that ink lovers pay tribute to the saga with stunning and realistic designs.

In this tattoo, which refers to the third installment of the series, can be seen very realistically the faces of the most prominent characters. In the tattoo design it has been chosen to represent Doc, Marty and Biff Tannen unendurable. Magnificent work done by the tattoo artist.

Who are they?

Plays guitar in The Pinheads and listen Huey Lewis and the News, ZZ Top, Chuck Berry and Van Halen, as well as being a skilled skateboarder. His best friend is scientist Emmett Brown, whom he calls “Doc”.

I love tattoos have to be discovering for parts like this. Made in the legs, you can see many icons of the saga: The Delorean (Time Machine), the town hall clock, capacitors fluxo and stupefied and anxious faces of the characters.

This design, although it is quite simple, represents much of Back to the Future. the inscription that symbolizes something important for the person wearing it and where icons of the saga Spielberg (the town hall tower and the car) play a major role in the design is used.

Wonderful this design tattoo on the face of Doctor Brown estrambótico shown. The role was played by actor Christopher Lloyd and represents, along with Marty McFlay, the best symbols for a tattoo dedicated to Back to the Future.

The best time machine: The Delorean. The design of this tattoo shows an exquisite movement is complemented by the fund in indigo blue, where rays produced at the door open to future appear.

And you, do you wear a tattoo inspired by Back to the Future? Or maybe you want realizarte a dedicated science design. Do not let seeing these designs that surely will help.