B.B. Creams that fit your needs

Now that you know how it works B.B. Cream is important to know the brands that have been introduced to the American market. In some shops, you can find brands or other Asian countries but there are always more accessible and affordable options. If you are interested in them, read and discover the advantages and disadvantages of these potions that claim to be almost miraculous. Tip: Remember to use sunscreen if your B.B. Cream does not have such a high number.

This trim is a true multipurpose balm. After trying it I found that it is alcohol-free moisturizer and investment-that contains SPF 20 and anti-aging properties, making it perfect for oily skin or mixed and mature. It contains prebase and can be used with your favorite or alone for a natural effect base. Your face will look radiant without heaviness. Four colors available! Price: US $ 32.00. Rating: 5/5; More ‘.

The find in two convenient tones, however, is a bit difficult to adapt to the dark skin. Undoubtedly, makeup ideal for a youthful complexion. In addition to moisturizing, skin gives precise coverage-your face will look and feel smooth and with a unified voice. It smells delicious and contains SPF 15. The great advantage? It is extremely inexpensive compared to the high quality it has. Price: 12.99. Rating: 4.9 / 5; More ‘.

Unlike the earlier mark, Boscia can cover the needs of brunettes or Latino skins. Thanks to its botanical components, renew your face inside and outside -called already a cult product, it promises to firm, hydrate and correct your imperfections. It provides more coverage than the rest and contains SPF 27 and PA ++ (UVA). Note that it does not look flattering on a pale complexion. Price: $ 38. Rating: 4.7 / 5; More »

One of the most comprehensive and unique in the market. This balm has a dye that adapts to different skin tones but keep in mind it is a bit heavy to the touch. The secret? It distributes fine! It provides light to medium coverage (with delicate illuminations) and protects your face with SPF 35. It is not designed as a B.B. Cream but as a more powerful discrete He first if you apply it all over your face. Price: US $ 30.00. Rating: 4.7 / 5; More ‘.

When you want a natural look, Smashbox is your best alternative. It has SPF 35 moisturizes, controls the oil on the skin, prepare your face, your pores hides and corrects … all in one application! Its texture is creamy but works well as prebase or to “beautify” your skin for up to eight hours, not counting that is specific for photo shoots or videos. Friends, a must-have for any wedding or party. Price: US $ 39. Rating: 5/5; More »

Thoroughly recommended for white or Asian skins, either with pink or yellow undertones. Its texture and makes offer the ideal combination of sunscreen, antioxidants and correcting imperfections. The results are visible instantly and held up for five hours, you will need no foundation! Spend it if your skin is dark or severe wrinkles. Overall, an excellent investment if you want to save precious minutes to fix. Price: US $ 37.00. Rating: 4.8 / 5; More ‘.

This product is perfect for busy moms who do not want to stop look beautiful. Formulated with anti-aging serums, antioxidant and photo-protection, cloaking fine lines and serves as a fixative base … What more can you ask ?! The truth, you will save a lot of money with it because it has a variety of benefits that only get in creams or lotions specific. If your wave is ecological, it carefully because it contains parabens. Price: US $ 39. Rating: 4.7, More »