Advantages of dry cleaning for hair

The dry shampoo is here to stay and say stay, because if you give a tour of the pharmacy you’ll notice that many houses of beauty products are now launched their “dry shampoos”, offering a range of options and best of all is that now there for every budget. Before you could get, but most were expensive, they were around or sobrapasaban the $ 20.

As its name implies, the dry shampoo (which always comes in the form of aerosol) lava “magically” your hair dry, without the need to wash it all down, which is perfect when you are invited to an event at the last minute and not you have time to dry your hair dryer for about an hour if you have long hair. Or simply to “disguise” between regular washes, a hair looks greasy or dirty. While there are some of them that come with color and can even help you hide hair growth and undesirable undyed gray hair.

Do you remember when our grandmothers were put baby powder in your hair?

And like other hair products, find the best for you may take some time. For example, I tried the Umberto Beverly Hills Dry Clean Dry Shampoo (4 oz, $ 10) and I liked it because it gives much volume to hair, you look like you’ve finished you a blowdry. However, leaves a layer of white powder on your scalp that forces you to wash with water as soon as possible.

Then I tried the Bumble and Bumble Brown Hair Powder (4.5 oz, $ 35), which powder is chocolate brown, like my hair, which would avoid the presence of white particles in my hair. But I did not much volume, besides which I found tacky and quite expensive. I gave it to my mom, who is fascinated because the tone of this dry shampoo helps disguise the growth of gray hair dye between a touch and next.

I also tried the Oscar Blandi Soon Invisible Volumizing Dry Shampoo (5 oz, $ 23) and became my favorite because it smells good, I am very volume style blowdry and contains no color, which makes it ideal for any hair color. In addition, its invisible formula leaves no dust or debris in sight.

One of the last I’ve tried is the new Fresh Start Dry Tresemm√© Sahmpoo, whose price (under $ 5) seems fabulous. Although not create as much volume as other aroma is very pleasant and does not create a layer of white powder as do others. This line has more than five products “dry” designed for wavy or straight hair.

Moreover, the dry shampoo is perfect when you go to the gym daily, it is not good to wash your hair every day. But remember that this drycleaning never replaces the regular washing, it is simply a “resolved” between washes. Although you wash your hair often, I recommend having a “dry shampoo” in your bathroom, because one of these days you’ll need.

And if you go, the travel search ahra dry shampoos that are available in containers of three ounces, which are also perfect to carry in your bag and add volume to your hair as soon as needed.