8 Tattoos of flowers to celebrate spring

Spring has arrived and with it the ink altered. So to celebrate the entrance of this wonderful season in which flowers out in its full splendor and the sun does highlight the colors of nature, you will see some tattoos with floral patterns so you can show off in spring and the rest of the year.

All accompanied by their meaning so you can better adapt to your lifestyle and personality.

Choose from these 8 designs most represented in the tattoo world and get inspired to create an authentic picture of nature in your body.

In tattoos, as when buying or take a rose really, much influenced by the color in which the armadillos. Red roses symbolize love and passion, yellow jealousy, insecurity and pink roses represent tenderness or love for a loved one, parent, brother or son.

If you want to know more about the symbolism of roses tattoos read the article Rosas.

The lotus flower is the most common tattoos, because it has a very basic and unisex design. It represents immortality, but also has variations as the fullness of health or welfare.

Cherry Blossom or Sakura in Japan, is a metaphor for life or body spend my life and dead. It can also symbolize beauty and sexuality. If you want to know more about the symbolism of cherry blossom read this article.

His name is Hawaiian hibiscus. It is the flower of the Hawaiian Islands, and its appearance puts us squarely in the waters of these wonderful islands. Just by seeing them we can feel and smell the sea that bathes the great beaches of these islands.

It is widely used to represent symbols windsurfers and many known clothing brands or use it as a logo in their advertising photos.

As for its meaning, the Hawaiian flower is an honor to ancestors and love for your country or where you come from. Perfect to complement any arm tattoo, since in many cases is designed to elbows or shoulders, like the lotus flower.

Originating from the Greek god, Anemos, god of wind, this tattoo symbolizes a change of life, a new hope or in many cases the appearance of a new love in your life.

It is usually represented in tattoo designs, letting fly into the air with their little floating petals.

It is a very common phrases to accompany tattoo, its symbolism is often associated with the fragility and freedom.

This flower of German origin represents the great love you have towards someone, because to get it you had to climb over 3000 meters high and it was not easy task to find it.

The flower of the Pyrenees camouflages among the daisies for their similar appearance. In the Second World War many Nazi army soldiers climbed the steep mountains in search of a to be worn as brooch on her uniform.

Daisy, for years, has represented childhood or innocence of that age, but also can be chosen as a symbol of pure and chaste love.

From the 60s he took a different connotation and was associated with the Flower Power movement.

Its symbolism could also well be peace, because the margarita and the symbol of peace have a very similar meaning.

You know, it’s spring or not, a flower is always a good design to represent your skin and also give a touch of sweetness whatever your gender.