7 essential books about Tattoos

If you like tattoo art, here you are 7 titles that deal with the history of tattooing, calligraphy, styles and more.

Black Tattoo Art 2

80 internationally renowned tattooists.

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Black Tattoo Art 2 continues the photographic journey around the world embarked on the first volume, and capture only the best of current tattoo.

In this volume, readers can explore the most varied orientations and new trends in tattoo art.

Everything is possible and everything is allowed: tribal grand, sumptuous fantasies like arabesques, linear motifs and desornamentados, the vanguard figurative drawings, ancient manual techniques and work with the tattoo machine.

This impressive stylistic variety emerges eighty thanks to the work of great artists of international tattoo, who share their creativity, talent and innovation in this magnificent volume.

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What you will see in this book

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This special collection includes more than 40 different alphabets and many examples of names and initials personalized with a design or decoration.

You can find popular styles such as Chicano, calligraphic style and Old School, as well as Gothic, modern versions and other fantastic alphabets.

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Authors: Anna Felicity Friedman, James Elkins.

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Lively and informative, The World Atlas of tattoo is a reference book beautifully illustrated and convincing that, by examining the meeting point between tattoo artists and personal understanding of their environment, presents a story well informed and nuanced than which it has become a widespread art.

Organized geographically, each section is introduced by a brief historical overview of the types of tattoos that traditionally practiced in this area of ​​the world, allowing the reader to trace the historical discussions in the careers of some of the representative tattooists and marveling what other artists have created new forms of tattoos that go beyond any previous context.

The book also tracks the movement of the styles of their settings indigenous communities of the diaspora, which often have been transformed into designs, multicultural, hybrid creative. Written by an international team of scholars, historians and journalists.

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In English.

Author: Russ Thorne

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The Art of Tattooing is an impressive study of some of the most amazing tattoos work is being done today. More than 140 photographs full of character, color and attitude to show the different styles and images that people are making their bodies, while a fascinating discussion tattoo as a cultural phenomenon and opens art form.

In addition, throughout the book you will find extended information dedicated to some of the most talented tattoo artists and innovators working worldwide, with photographs showing the progression of spare tattoo design or layout over.

Author: Erick Alayon

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This book contains over 25 years of professional experience tattoo. Erick Alayón professional tattoo artist has been since 1988, and no other author could create an instruction tattoo like him.

This new volume contains three previous books over tattoo that are for sale.

In this new edition they have been corrected typographical errors and the information has been updated.

In addition to new information, they have added many additional explanations and reflections. New topics include: photography, frame geometry, sterilization and more.

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veterans tattoo artists the world show you everything you need to know to learn to tattoo.

Familiarize yourself with the basics of tattoo studio with this famous DVD on the basics of tattooing.

Matt Bennett, a veteran tattoo artist, created this simple and clear DVD to acquire basic knowledge about configuring tattoo machines and the implementation of security measures.

This will learn how important it is to work in a sterile work environment, both for you and for your customers.

The information you can get on a DVD does not replace the training needed to work as a tattoo artist, but a good start for beginners who want to have an overview of the tattoo world by the advice of someone who knows.

The DVD includes the following chapters

Chapter 1: Overview Team

Chapter 2: Tattoo Inks to be used

Chapter 3: Using the computer

Chapter 4: Placing templates

Chapter 5: Procedures outlined

Chapter 6: Filling

Chapter 7: Shading

Chapter 8: Colouring