6 Things you should never do to remove a tattoo

We all go through times when we have done things that we then have repented. Among many of those things are tattoos. An Unsuitable, a tattooist who was in practice and made a botch or area of ​​the body we want is clean ink design can cause us insecurity and, in some cases, obsession.

The best method to erase those bad decisions regarding tattoos are concerned, is laser removal. Depending on the type and size of tattoo, the price varies and there are many people who are not willing to pay for the sessions you need to remove that tattoo.

That’s when turning to home remedies. Fortunately, today we have a lot of information on the internet regarding advice and warnings, but also a lot of poisoning dangerous homemade solutions like those I will detail now and never have to implement.

saline abrasion at home

Salt abrasion is to use coarse salt that will make peeling on the tattoo.

This method will bring you more bitterness of those who already have. You must know that when you get a tattoo ink is injected until reaching the dermis. It is easy to rub the skin of the epidermis (outer layer), but it is useless because it will cause burns, scabs and scars can become infected. None of this will come to erase the ink remaining in the second layer of the deeper skin, the dermis.

Home excision technique

This technique is the least recommended and the most scabrous. It is based on cutting the skin go progressively from the tattooed area, while it follows a natural healing process. The results are unsightly scars left by the tattooed area as a scarification. A drastic solution to remove a tattoo dangerously risking health at very high price.


There are professionals using methods using an apparatus that rotates, the sanding technique. The tattoo will disappear as healing and re going to be removed in several sessions. This has to do a professional and never at home with a device made for yourself.

Injecting hydrogen peroxide in the tattoo

The logic is this is that hydrogen peroxide (is the chemical compound we call peroxide) bleaches and dissolves some colors. Unconscious who dare to inject hydrogen peroxide in the skin should know they are putting their health at risk by using a needle that can reach veins or nerve termination.

trichloroacetic acid (TCA)

It is used to remove fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars. The TCA was also one of the main chemicals used in tattoo removal before there laser treatments. It is available over the counter, and that’s the problem. Misuse or not the recommended doses can cause skin burns and other significant adverse allergic reactions.

Never make your whim a recipe found on the internet where you explain how to dose and apply the TCA. You go to a dermatologist and he is who advise you regarding this treatment and you perform a custom composition for your skin. Whether for a tattoo or stains.

Battery fluid

Oddly enough, there are people who dare to literally burn your skin with the electrolyte of a battery. Pain should be frightening and also leave a scar shaped burn; that’s not counting subsequent infections that can be complicated by only save you money. Really not worth putting your own health at stake.


• Tattoo removal should be performed in clinical studies authorized or tattoos.

• Get organized monthly and tries to save realizarte removal treatment. You can also opt for financing for you. Clinics or laser removal centers often give that option to their customers and even propose attractive offers and to which must be attentive.

• Use high-coverage makeup and water resistance in that tattoo you do not want to display. In the market you can find brands such as Kryolan very good price. That will make the wait more bearable until you can go to a tattoo removal specialist.