6 books of Tattoos

If you are someone who you like to know the history of the most important artists and art tattooists own tattoo, tattoo styles or admire truly amazing designs, today I show six book titles tattoos indispensable for your personal library.

Some of them contain narratives that take you back to the horror, fantasy or the apocalypse. With photographs of the best professionals and with impressions and covers really cared. A perfect gift for yourself or someone special gift.

In these titles you will find everything you need to know about your favorite style.

It contains fantastic tales. With a haunting black touch and gender. The author proposes a challenge. A game in which readers should recognize the protagonists. Between the pages we will discover Philip Leu, Tin Tin, Mao and much more.

The illustrations are made by great artists such as Titine Leu, Blise and Wido of Marval.

Kappa editions

Daniel Exposito, not only because it is the emerging value of the current landscape of cover artists of genre literature in our country (you only have to look at the covers of the latest developments appeared to discover several of his)

The book includes retouched photograph to create the sexiest pin ups zombies and short stories centered tattooed female characters, several of the most renowned authors of Z universe in Spain.

As you can see, the cover imitates the number of Playboy magazine where it appeared the wonderful Marilyn Monroe.

Edited by Dolmen Editorial.

This is a volume distributed by themes: animals, portraits of famous people, tribal motifs, horror, dragons or cartoons. It is a very practical book for themselves tattooists and tattoo enthusiasts.

It contains more than 600 color photos of tattoos that have been made by the best artists in the world: Joe Capobianco, Tim Hendricks, Bob Tyrrell or Hanna Aitchison.

Edited by Lal Hardy.

This book is based on an important work of skilled artists in the Sak Yant. It contains photos, notes and interviews with masters of this art. Isabel Azevedo Drouyer and photography of René Drouyer.

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Julian Murray immortalizes the bodies and faces of statuesque women tattooed in more than 100 photographs. The common denominator is the disturbing presence of animals with tentacles enveloping. Lovecraft H. p would be happy with all those images;. More »

It is a book that explores the history of tattooing and its symbolism worldwide through drawings and photos-from the nineteenth century engravings to tribal body art, women circuses twenties or the classic designs motorista- .

A passionate journey through the art of tattooing into the hands of Burkhard Riemschneider and Henk Schiffmacher. The impression is very good and is a gem that any tattoo enthusiast should have on your shelf.

What are you waiting to get your hands on one or all of these gems? I already have my favorites and certainly my hands on more than one. Save these titles on your “wish box” and enjoy forever true works of art. Essential for all tattoo lovers. And which one do you prefer?