5 Tattoo horror movies to enjoy on Halloween

Freddy comes in the nightmares of children and teenagers of Elm Street to kill them, because the acts have an impact on real life. His physical appearance is very characteristic: a disfigured face, a hat, sweater green and red stripes, and a glove cutter made for him.

Freddy became the bane of a generation when it premiered in movie screens.

Michael Myers is a fictional character from the film series Halloween.

Michael is a murderer who has claimed the lives of her older sister and fifteen years later returns home to murder his younger sister. It was created by Debra Hill and John Carpenter. Michael Myers has appeared in nine films, and every film is indestructible.

Physical, terrifying aspect is evident in this tattoo of a close up of his face without expression and covered by the mask.

Leatherface (translated into Spanish as Leatherface) is the main villain of the film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and their aftermath. It is a robust and tall, but its main features are the mask he wears and chainsaw used as a weapon.

He wears a mask made of human skin to hide a disfigurement. This murderer has a mental deficiency, so the rest of his horrible family uses it to commit atrocities with their victims.

This tattoo design by John Gutti is impressive. With ochres, browns and blacks has created the necessary nuances to complete a work of art by one of the characters of films that have caused more impact among fans of horror movies.

Pennywise is a character created by the writer Stephen King horror novel for It.

Pennywise has no fixed form, but usually appears as a clown. In the novel, King describes it as a cross between Bozo and Ronald McDonald, dressed in a silver suit with buttons orange pompoms.

This character is definitely one of my favorites. In tattoo designs that are made on Pennywise it is impossible not to capture the malignancy of this clown.

Captain Spaulding is the rarest and repudioso individual Ruggsville. He is the director and owner of the Museum of Monsters and Mindless the village, where weary travelers can fill their fuel tanks in the only service station in many kilometers. It also has a special secret recipe for fried chicken with the hosts providing poor who come to town.

Captain Spaulding The house of a thousand corpses and The Devil’s Rejects, Rob Zombie appear in movies. Its peculiar appearance and personality is a temptation for lovers of tattoo and tattoo artists. Undoubtedly, every fan of Rob Zombie can not resist tattooed bring this murderer, patriarch of the family Firebird.

Surely you’ve enjoyed these masterpieces of terror. And you, what horror movie character would be willing to get a tattoo?