5 Tattoo film Léon. The specialist

Some sequences of films are so striking and significant that many tattoo lovers decide to immortalize on your skin.

Leon, also known as Professional, is a French film released in the 90s, precisely in 1994. Starring Jean Reno, Gary Oldman and a very young Natalie Portman, who made his debut with his first film role.

Few have succumbed to the charm of Léon and Mathilda, the characters in the film The Professional, a hired murderer played by Jean Reno actor, who is involved in a problem saving the life of a girl named Mathilda (Natalie Portman). This is in a store near your home, buying some food that has asked his father.

It is at that very moment when corrupt agents of the Narcotics Division of the Police Department of New York City massacring at home all members of his family for drug problems. These cops are headed to Norman Stansfield terrifying (Gary Oldman).

Léon Mathilda asks that teach to do the work it plays, murder people. Leon agrees, albeit with some reservations.

In this tattoo you can see one of the most striking scenes of the film. The design is done on the forearm and created by the tattoo artist Sergey Shanko in Moscow. Great job.

Léon is illiterate, and Mathilda learns to read and write. This face is the determination and coldness of character with glasses and hat that accompany most of the film. Tenderness is surfacing in this murderer whose principle: neither children nor women.

The texture and vibrant colors of this design make it a work of art. Its focus is perfect and has been performed by Bili Vegas.

The film is a thriller and drama. The girl falls in love with her rescuer, but she and Leon have experienced that their lives make sense. He having to care for and Mathilda by being next to an adult who behaves as such, with which you feel protected and loved.

This tattoo color you can see the complicity of the two characters whose performances are embodied in a tattoo that borders on the realistic and comic.

Gary Oldman’s role in this film playing a psychotic police is magnificent. All the charisma of the actor and character are identified in this tattoo portrait in color, full of perspective. His performance earned him high praise.

Richard Schickel of Time magazine described the performance of Oldman as wonderfully psychotic.

Mark Salisbury, Empire magazine critic said of the film: oozes style, wit and confidence in each gear and offering a dizzying and fresh perspective of the Big Apple that only Besson can offer. It is, in a word, wonderful.

To which another critic Mark Deming, finished describing it as such stylistic visually and graphically violent. Firm action by Jean Reno, a surprising debut of Natalie Portman and excessive, that you hate or love, Gary Oldman.

And with this iconographic lion tattoo, which represents leading plant wherever he goes, with his trench coat and dark round glasses, I pay tribute to this great actor and film that wowed me forever.