5 books on Body Painting and Characterization

If you like the bodypainting and want to try to do your own work at home, plus the necessary material also serve great support you have books to help you improve technique or to create step by step designs.

In the market there are many help books that will test your talent and perhaps encourage you to get started on an as fantastic as this that will provide plenty of opportunities in the labor market profession.

Artists Joanne Gair body painting as Eva Rinaldi or have made this art in their profession and extend to advertising campaigns demanding their jobs.

Today I will show 5 wonderful titles on body makeup and characterization. Some of them are used in specialized schools but you can buy at Amazon and Spanish.

-Author: Irma Guard

-Reseña Editor

The book consists of 8 main topics and 351 pages between you’ll find everything you need to know the face to perfection and beautify it or modify it as thanks to makeup. Explains in a clear, practical and precise knowledge needed for a professional makeup finish, plus enter characterization techniques.

, Author: Marcos Sagasta and Anna Gomis

-Reseña Editor

Once already designed a fictional character with the support of digital media, the next step is to get into shape to work. In this book the keys, techniques and the different phases of work that must be performed to physically create a fictional character explains.

This book focuses on character creation tool using as silicone. Realistic characters straight out of a world of terror.

-authors: Emilio and Marcos Sagasta Ferreiros

-Reseña Editor

There are movies, plays, television series that we keep in memory only for the appearance of any of its characters. What would the musical “Beauty and the Beast” without the beast seems what is? How we would remember “Nightmare on Elm Street”, for example, without the face of Freddy Krueger broken? And we would remember “Total Recall” without the characterization of all the freaks who were hiding in the underworld of Mars?

-authors: Emilio and Marcos Sagasta Ferreiros

-Reseña Editor

Second part of this work whose main theme creating makeup for characters in the fields of film, television and theater. This time the character design themes, special effects makeup and audiovisual processes and performances are reviewed.

The contents of this book also can make a good source of inspiration to perform in Halloween costumes and characterizations, since following the step of your DVD can be made bald, wounds and many other works.

Author: Joanne Gair and Heidi Klum (Introduction)

Editor Review

Joanne Gair was the pioneer in introducing the Bodypainting in fashion, advertising and media. You could say who shot to fame with Demi Moore and the cover he did for Vanity Fair in 1992.

His career is as extensive as disturbing as it has painted famous around the world as Cindy Crawford, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kim Basinger, Christina Aguilera, Sophia Loren, Demi Moore, Lady Gaga and Madonna, with whom he worked 10 years.

This book presents their professional work.