3 trends more “hot” for summer 2014

Season after season fashions come and go … And just as jeans or jeans with holes back with force this summer 2014, also we see back casual braids, being the official hairstyle of the season. As you will see in this note, there are no rules when comb your hair, so no matter if you wear an elaborate French braid or tousled, fashion is braiding your hair. And as a final touch, do not forget to paint your lips with color moment … Find out below!

And no woman should be without a black dress in her closet, likewise, never should be without a straw hat, and when it comes to the summer season. And, beyond being a popular fashion accessory, a hat with a good sunscreen will be your best friends when it comes to protecting your skin and your hair against sun damage. During the past few summers have been very fashionable Fedora (shown in photo) and Floppy (the very wide-brimmed hat that can be folded down) styles. However, fashion experts, suggest that this summer will mark the return of the “Panama Hat”.

In recent years we have seen each season using braids has increased to the point that the summer 2014 season will be the braids for both girls, girls and adult women. No matter if you have long hair or medium hairstyle can make this a very romantic, refreshing and youthful. And best of this trend is that all types of braids are in fashion. They can be tight, loose or unkempt, what matters is that you take your braided hair. And if you wear your hair loose you can make three or more finite-style braids Roma. With braids hairstyle you can go everywhere, to the gym or the beach, to the office or to a red carpet. Look closely at how Hollywood celebrities braided her hair when it comes to going to a gala.

And for the youngest girls, fashion dictates that you add some color to your braid using a tape or adding a lock of a bright color, such as purple, pink or green. You can paint the lock with a washable dye or buy a lock of hair and dyed, and what you can put on and off anytime.

Another very strong trend for summer 2014 is used to weigh the hair braiding front like a headband, a very romantic and elegant look, perfect for a party. But fashion by braiding hair goes beyond festivals and daily events, since this year, many hairstyles brides and also are inspired braids.

No matter if you’re blond or black movie dare to wear a coral or orange lipstick. And that paint the lips of these colors is the strongest for Summer 2014. Unlike other makeup trends trend, not have to think twice if this color will you well, because coral orange lipstick and fit well to any skin tone. Mary Kay has just launched a new collection of lipsticks inspired by the color of the moment to please all tastes by coral and orange. Visit this page and take a look at the True Dimensions collection and vibrant colors like Coral Bliss, Citrus Flirt, Exotic Mango and Tangerine Pop, among others.